In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the juicy details of this ZONG MONTHLY SUPER OFFER , unwrapping its gigabytes of data, minutes of talk time, and SMS galore. We’ll compare it to other offerings, unearth hidden benefits, and help you decide if this Super Offer is your superhero in disguise.

  • Price: 1299 PKR
  • Validity: 1 month
  • Includes:
    • 30GB Total Data
    • 5000 Zong Minutes
    • 450 Off-net Minutes
    • 20GB Internet Data
    • 6GB YouTube Data
    • 4GB WhatsApp Data
    • 5000 SMS
  • Activation: Dial *4567# to activate


Zong’s Monthly Super Offer is a comprehensive package for voice and data needs, offering:

  • Uncapped: 5000 on-net minutes and 5000 SMS for unlimited Zong communication.
  • Extra value: 450 off-net minutes for calls outside the Zong network.
  • Data galore: 20GB of 4G internet for general browsing and 6GB specifically for YouTube.
  • App focus: 4GB dedicated to WhatsApp usage.
  • Affordable: All this for just Rs. 1299 per month.

Basically, it’s a complete package for those who use their phones heavily for calls, texts, data, and popular apps like YouTube and WhatsApp, at a reasonable price.


Terms and Condition

  • Data: Free mobile internet MBs usable on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  • Recurring: This is a non-recurring offer, meaning it needs to be recharged/activated each month.
  • Taxes & Charges:
    • Advance Income Tax (AIT): 15% on every recharge.
    • FED: 19.5% on usage (when applicable).
    • Sales Tax (GST): 19.5% on usage (when applicable).


How can I subscribe for Zong Super monthly?

  • Monthly Super Offer: This plan costs Rs. 1299 and offers 30GB total data (20GB internet + 6GB YouTube + 4GB WhatsApp), 5000 Zong minutes, 450 off-net minutes, and 5000 SMS. You can subscribe by dialing *4567#.
  • Super Weekly Offer: This plan costs Rs. 440 and offers 30GB internet, 180 off-net minutes, unlimited Zong minutes, and unlimited SMS. It has a weekly validity. You can subscribe by dialing *225#.

What is Zong monthly 30 GB internet package?

  • Monthly Premium 30GB: This plan costs Rs. 1000 and offers 15GB flat data + 15GB YouTube data. You can subscribe by dialing *6464#.
  • MBB Monthly 30GB offer: This plan costs Rs. 999 and offers 30GB general internet data. You can subscribe through Zong’s website or app.