Zong Monthly Premium 5GB

Calling all heavy data users! Zong’s Monthly Premium 5GB plan offers a generous chunk of data to fuel your online activities for 30 days. Whether you’re streaming, browsing, or gaming, this plan provides ample bandwidth to keep you going without worrying about hitting limits. Stay tuned for further details on cost, additional benefits, and activation information!

Zong Monthly Premium 5GB

Zong Monthly Premium 5GB Detail

  • Price: 400.00 (presumably Pakistani Rupees)
  • Data: 5GB
  • Validity: Monthly
  • Activation Code: 64643*2#


  • Dial *6464# to access the tariff activation menu and potentially find other offers.


  • Dialing *102# on Zong allows you to check your mobile account balance and usage details.
  • Charges for this service are 10 Paisa + Tax per inquiry.


  • Out-of-bundle rate: Rs. 1 + Tax per Megabyte (MB)
  • Charged after: Bundle expiry or data exhaustion


  • Default Rate: Rs. 4 + Tax per Megabyte (MB)
  • Minimum Charge: 1 MB (even if you use less than 1 MB)
  • Tax: Not specified, but you’ll be charged an additional tax on top of the Rs. 4/MB.


  • Advance Income Tax (AIT): 15% added to every recharge.
  • Federal Excise Duty (FED): 19.5% applied to usage charges, where applicable (depending on your specific plan).
  • General Sales Tax (GST): 19.5% applied to usage charges, where applicable (depending on your specific plan).


Zong’s Monthly Premium 5GB plan offers 5GB of data for heavy users for 400 PKR (monthly). Activation details are pending, but you can check usage through *102# (charged) or explore other options via *6464#. Remember high out-of-bundle rates apply, so consider subscribing when the full details are released.


How to activate the monthly 5GB Zong?

Details haven’t been officially released yet. Stay tuned for further information on cost, activation code, and additional benefits.

What is the Zong 5 rupees data package?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about a specific “5 rupees data package” offered by Zong. Their current internet packages start at higher prices.

Does Zong offer 5G?

Zong currently does not offer 5G services in Pakistan.

How to package Zong monthly?

Zong offers various monthly internet packages with different data allowances and validity periods. You can check their website or app for current options.