Zong Mega Data Offer

The Zong Mega Data Offer is a pocket-friendly option for heavy nighttime internet users in Pakistan. For just Rs. 200 (including taxes), you get a whopping 100GB of internet data, valid for seven days. But there’s a twist: this data is only usable from 1 AM to 9 AM each day.

Zong Mega Data Offer

Zong Mega Data Offer Detail

  • Price: Rs. 200 (including taxes)
  • Data: 100GB
  • Validity: 7 days (weekly)
  • Catch: Data is only usable from 1 AM to 9 AM each day.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to this offer, dial *808#


  • Additional charges apply:
    • 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) on every recharge.
    • 19.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) might apply to data usage.
    • 19.5% Sales Tax (GST) might apply to data usage.
  • Auto-renewal: This offer automatically renews after seven days, deducting Rs. 200 + taxes again.
  • Double-check: Before subscribing, dial *808# and check the final price displayed, including all taxes and charges.


The Zong Mega Data Offer offers a hefty 100GB of data at an attractive price, but only for nighttime usage and with additional hidden costs. While appealing for heavy nighttime users, be mindful of the auto-renewal, potential taxes, and limited usability before subscribing. Weigh your data needs and budget carefully to decide if this offer is a bright light or a late-night trap.


How can I get 6 GB free on Zong?

Unfortunately, Zong doesn’t offer a definitive way to do it directly and for free at the moment directly. However, here are some options to consider:

  • New SIM Offer: Upon activating a new Zong SIM, you might receive a welcome offer with free data, including 6GB in some cases. Check the latest promotions on Zong’s website or dial *10# to see if this offer is active.
  • Special Bundles: Occasionally, Zong introduces limited-time bundles with bonus data. Keep an eye on their website and social media, or dial *10# for these offers.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Zong sometimes runs contests and giveaways on social media platforms where you can win data, including 6GB or more. Participate in these to try your luck.

How do you activate the Zong 100GB monthly package?

Currently, Zong doesn’t have a regular 100GB monthly package. However, there are options with similar data amounts:

  • Monthly Supreme Plus: This offers 30GB of data for Rs. 499 (plus taxes). Dial *100# to subscribe.
  • Weekly Pro Plus: This offers 60GB of data for Rs. 599 (plus taxes). Dial *6464# to subscribe.

What is the 25 rs package in the Zong code?

Several Zong packages cost Rs. 25:

  • Daily DTO: Offers 1.5GB data from 4 AM to 7 PM for Rs. 25 (plus taxes). Dial *464# to subscribe.
  • Daily Super Chat: Offers unlimited Zong calls and 50 SMS for Rs. 25 (plus taxes). Dial *456# to subscribe.

What is the price of the 1.5 GB daily package in Zong?

Two main options offer 1.5GB daily data:

  • Daily DTO: As mentioned above, it offers 1.5GB of data from 4 AM to 7 PM for Rs. 25 (plus taxes). Dial *464# to subscribe.
  • Daily Basic Internet: Offers 100MB data for 24 hours for Rs. 15 (plus taxes). Dial *6464# to subscribe.