Zong’s Mahana Voice Offer might be the perfect solution for you!  This plan offers a variety of options to suit your needs, from daily bundles with free on-net minutes to monthly packages with generous allowances for both on-net and off-net calls.  Whether you’re a heavy talker or just need occasional calls, there’s a Mahana Voice Offer that fits your budget and calling habits.



  • Price: PKR 200
  • Minutes: 100 minutes (on-net) per day
  • Total minutes: 3,000 minutes (on-net) per month
  • Validity: 1 month
  • Other networks: No minutes included for calls to other networks (off-net)

How to Subscribe

Zong Mahana Voice Offer for PKR 200 by dialing *36#.


  • Advance Income Tax (AIT): 15% of the PKR 200 recharge amount will be added, which is PKR 30.
  • FED (Federal Excise Duty): 19.5% of your usage will be charged as FED. This means if you use all 3,000 minutes, the FED would be around PKR 58.50 (calculated as 19.5% of the estimated usage value).
  • Sales Tax (GST): 19.5% of your usage will be charged as GST. Similar to FED, this also depends on your actual usage.


Zong’s Mahana Voice Offer provides a budget-friendly way to make daily on-net calls for a month. While offering 3,000 minutes for PKR 200 seems attractive, remember additional taxes and charges push the actual cost higher. Consider your calling habits and explore other Zong options like “Monthly Call Plus” or “Monthly Pro” for off-net minutes or higher daily allowances before subscribing.


Zong 70 rupees package monthly:

Unfortunately, Zong doesn’t currently offer a monthly package specifically for PKR 70. However, they have several monthly options around that price range:

  • Monthly Social: 12GB internet, 250 Zong Mins, 50 Off-net Mins for PKR 70 (approximately).
  • Monthly Super Star Offer: 8GB internet, 500 Off-net Mins, 3000 Zong Mins for PKR 99.
  • Monthly Shandaar Mahana Offer: 1000 Zong Mins, 100 Off-net Mins, 1GB internet for PKR 125.

Activate Zong monthly:

The activation process depends on the specific package you choose. Here are some general methods:

  • Dial the activation code: Each package has a unique activation code mentioned on Zong’s website or app.
  • Zong app: Activate directly through the Zong app (downloadable from app stores).
  • Website: Activate through the official Zong website (zong.com.pk).
  • Customer service: Call Zong customer service at 111 for assistance.

Zong * 6464 code:

Dialing *6464# opens the “My Offer” menu on your Zong number. This allows you to:

  • Check your current active package.
  • Subscribe to new offers.
  • Unsubscribe from current offers.
  • Manage data and minutes balance.

Activate Zong monthly call plus package:

The “Monthly Call Plus” package doesn’t seem to be actively offered by Zong at the moment. You can either check their website or app for the latest packages or consider alternatives like the “Monthly Super Star Offer” mentioned above.