zong Sim number check code 2024

In this blog post, we will give you a simple guide on the Zong Sim number check code. Zong gives you many of the best and most affordable packages, services and many more bundles.

You can quickly check the zong number by using this Code *2#. By using this Code, you can easily check the Zong number, and this offer is also free. if this Code does not work, then you should use other codes and ways that can also be provided in the below portion.

zong number check

zong ka number check code

Here is the simplest method on zong ka number check karne ka code. Here is the Other way to check this:

  • Dial *2#:
  • Open your phone’s dialer app.
  • Enter *2# and press the call button.
zong Sim number check code

zong sim number check code

In this Whole Paragraph we will give you best on best two methods: The first one is through Customer care and second one is through Sms.

First Method of zong number check

  1. Compose a text: Open your phone’s messaging app and create a new message.
  2. Type “MNP”: Enter the letters “MNP” in the message body.
  3. Send to 667: Send the message to the number 667.
  4. Await response: You’ll receive a reply text containing your Zong number, activation date, and SIM owner name.

Second Method of zong number check

Calling Zong customer service at 310 is an alternative way to find out Zong SIM owner details. While it requires talking to an operator and may incur charges, it’s considered an easy and reliable method.

In short, calling 310 offers a direct approach to getting the information you need, but be aware of potential charges.

Terms and Condition

  • Dial the USSD code: Enter the code provided by Zong (usually *8# or *100#) on your phone’s dialer and press the call button. Your number will be displayed on your screen for free.

Important notes:

  • Active sims only: This method only works for active Zong sim cards.
  • Check for updates: Codes may change, so it’s always best to verify the current code on the Zong website.

For additional information:

  • Contact Zong Helpline: Call the Zong Helpline for inquiries about sim ownership, registered address, location, or other related concerns.


How can I check my Zong SIM number?

Here is the Easy guide on how to check zong number code. Dial USSD Codes::

  • Dial *8# or *100#: These are the primary codes for checking your Zong number. Simply dial either code from your phone’s dialer and press the call button. Your number will be displayed on your screen.
  • Dial *2#: This code is also reported to work for checking your Zong number.

How do I find my SIM number?

Send a blank SMS to 667: Compose a new text message without any content and send it to 667. Zong will reply with a message containing your number.

How can I check my mobile number?

  • Download and install the Zong Mobile App: If you have the Zong Mobile App installed on your smartphone, you can easily check your number within the app.
  • Log in to your account: Open the app and log in using your Zong credentials.
  • View your number: Your Zong number will usually be displayed on the main screen or within your profile section. you can also view your active zong Packages.

How can I check SIM owner name?

  • Call 310: If you’re still unable to find your number, you can call Zong’s customer support at 310 from your Zong SIM card. The representative will be able to provide your number.
  • Visit a Zong Franchise or Customer Service Center: For further assistance, you can visit a Zong franchise or customer service center in person.