Jazz PUBG Packages Daily, Weekly, & Monthly 2024

Jazz has introduced its Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Pubg packages for Pubg users to enjoy their whole days on Jazz 4G. Jazz has the fattest intent among all the companies in Pakistan, and I also use this internet package whenever I play PUBG. In this article, we gathered some of the best Jazz PUBG Package, and we also know that you have some concerns about some boxes, but don’t worry. We have presented you with one of the most excellent high-speed internet packages.

Jazz PUBG Packages 2024

Jazz has the highest internet speed and is Pakistan’s fastest-growing telecommunication company. So here are the Jazz monthly, weekly, and jazz daily pub packages.

Jazz PUBG Packages Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Daily PUBG Bundles

Jazz PUBG Package has many daily packages that have low cost and excellent services. In the above, we provided you with some of the fastest and most famous packages that give you a breakneck internet speed and lots of MBS and give you proper guidance on subscribing and unsubscribing. Here is the list of complete daily pub bundles.

Hourly MBS

First, we start with the shortest validity. This pub package works only for 60 minutes -Here are the details

  • MB: 1000
  • Validity: 1 Hour
  • Sub-Code: *638#
  • Status : *638*2#
  • Price: Rs.10

Extreme MBs

You can receive 2g of data from 12 AM to 12 PM in this Package. The price of this Package is 35 rupees. Here are the details:

  • MB: 2GB
  • Validity: 12 AM-12 PM
  • Sub-Code: *757*
  • Status : *757*2#
  • Price: Rs 15

Mega Offer

This Package is the final one in the Jazz Pub daily package. This Package will provide you with 1gbb data both day and night. Here are the details:

  • MB: 1GB
  • Validity: 24 Hours
  • Sub-Code: *757*
  • Status : *117*4*2#
  • Price: Rs 35

Weekly PUBG Offers/Bundles

Jazz PUBG Package has launched many weekly packages, but here we will discuss Jazz’s most used and best for pubg. The above Guide will discuss the top 3 best packages for pubg weekly. Here is the complete list:

Weekly Super

Weekly super is for those who always worry about data. Jazz has provided you with ten GB of data for a week in this Package. Jazz PUBG Package could be only installed on a prepaid number. This package cost is only 345RS, which is very affordable. Here are the details:

  • MB: 10GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Sub-Code: *505#
  • Status : *505#*2#
  • Price: Rs 345

Weekly Premium Plus

The weekly premium plus Package is for those who want an affordable package for their pub. In this Package, Jazz will give you 5Gb 4G internet with 50 min in all networks with seven days validity and an affordable price. Here are the details:

  • MB: 5GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Sub-Code: *660#
  • Status : *660*2#
  • Price: Rs 234

Weekly Max

This is the least and most used Package for the pub game. It provides you with 30 GB of internet for a whole week. 30 GB is enough for pubg for a week. After subscribing to this, you can avail of this Package for only RS Rs 417. Here is the complete Guide or details:

  • MB: 30GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Sub-Code: *453#
  • Status : *453*2#
  • Price: Rs 234

Monthly PUBG Bundles/Offer

Jazz PUBG Package suport 3G/4G. In the above portion, we have written three package details about the Monthly PUBG package. Here is the complete Guide and Package:

PUBG Browser Data

Jazz PUBG Package provided you with PUBG browser data for your best gaming experience. Jazz will give you 3GB of data for a whole month in this Package, and this offer price is 260RS. This is an Affordable Package for you every month. Here is the complete details:

  • MB: 3GB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Sub-Code: *709#
  • Status : *709*2#
  • Price: Rs 260

Mega Plus

Jazz PUBG Package has introduced this Package for those who are always worried about data on monthly packages. Jazz will give you 15 data for a no-stop gaming experience in 3G/4g > Here are the complete details:

  • MB: 15GB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Sub-Code: *117*30#
  • Status : *117*30*2#
  • Price: Rs 735

20GB Monthly

This Package works 24 hours a day and gives you services in 3G/4G. Jazz will provide you with 20GB along with 3000 SMS, 3000 Jazz Minutes and 500 Other Network Minutes. Here is the complete details:

  • MB: 20GB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Sub-Code: *2000*2#
  • Price: Rs 1085

How To Play PUBG on Jazz?

So here is the question that arises after subscribing to the Jazz PUBG Package: What to do next? Here is the most straightforward Guide

  • First, Re-Charge your Account Number
  • Activate any package from the above Guide
  • Play PUBG and enjoy

You can also Buy PUBG UC from JazzCash.

Why choose Jazz 4G for PUBG?

Jazz 4G is the fastest network in Pakistan. When we compare Jazz and other companies, Jazz is far away. Jazz has provided a 4G network from East Pakistan to West Pakistan. So, we also use Jazz 4G for PUBG gaming.

Another reason that Jazz is famous among all pubg players is that it provides daily, weekly, and monthly packages to support its youth to play and enjoy their gaming experience.

If you are looking for an affordable package, Jazz has provided many affordable packages to its users. In the above portion, we have written some affordable packages, most used for PUBG gaming.

Terms & Conditions

  • General Information is provided in this article, like pricing, details and taxes.
  • You need to start Jazz 3G/4G to activate the ES package.
  • Your SIM and Location may impact your Internet speed
  • If you use the internet alone, you must use 3.3RS per MB.
  • Checking the remaining Package or offer will cost you 0.06RS.
  • Visit Jazz’s website for more details.


In the above portion of my blog, I have written a complete on jazz PUBG packages, and we also cover in detail like we cover daily PUBG packages, Weekly PUBG Packages and Monthly PUBG Packages. If you love this above Guide, please share it on Facebook, Instagram and all other social media platforms to get more visibility for this post.


With the introduction of Jazz PUBG Packages, playing PUBG has become more accessible. Jazz 4G offers a variety of packages with different data volumes and validity periods, ensuring that gamers have options that suit their specific needs. Additionally, Jazz Cash provides a convenient method to purchase PUBG UC, allowing you to enhance your gameplay. Embrace the power of Jazz 4G and enjoy an exceptional PUBG experience!


  • What is * 476 in the jazz monthly call package?

The code *476# is associated with the Super New Sim Offer from Jazz. This weekly bundle offers 6GB of data, 600 Jazz minutes, 30 other network minutes, and 600 SMS for just Rs. 78 (inclusive of taxes). The offer is valid for one week and is only available for new Jazz SIM activations within the first three months.

No specific monthly package from Jazz offers 50GB of data. However, a few monthly packages provide a significant amount of data. For example, the Jazz Weekly Super Plus Package offers 12GB of data, 5000 Jazz minutes, 80 other network minutes, and 5000 SMS for just Rs. 505 (including taxes). The offer is valid for one week.

  • What is a 200 rupee package in Jazz?

A few monthly packages from Jazz cost Rs. 200. For example, the Jazz Monthly 1000 Mins & 1GB Data Package offers 1000 Jazz minutes, 1GB of data, and 500 SMS for just Rs. 200 (inclusive of taxes). The offer is valid for one month.

  • What is the RS 60 package of Jazz?

A few weekly packages from Jazz cost Rs. 60. For example, the Jazz Weekly Data Blast Package offers 10GB of data, 300 Jazz minutes, and 300 SMS for just Rs. 60 (inclusive of taxes). The offer is valid for one week.