Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# – Enjoy High-Speed Data and More

Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# – Enjoy High-Speed Data and More

Are you seeking a convenient and cost-effective mobile data package with plenty of data, minutes, and SMS? Look no further than Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737#.

Jazz brings you a comprehensive solution to meet your communication and internet needs with this fantastic package. Stay connected, stream your favorite content, and enjoy a seamless online experience with Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737#.

Key Features

Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# comes with the following key features:

  • 50Gb Data: This package offers 50 gigabytes of data to cater to all your internet needs. Whether you enjoy streaming videos, downloading files, or staying active on social media, this package ensures you have enough data to stay connected throughout the week.
  • 1000 All-Network Minutes: Stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues with 1000 all-network minutes. Make calls to any network in Pakistan without worrying about extra charges or limited minutes.
  • 1000 SMS: Send and receive text messages to any nationwide network. Stay connected with your loved ones and convey your thoughts and feelings through SMS.
  • Affordable Price: Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# is priced at only Rs. 435, making it an excellent value for money. You get a generous amount of data, minutes, and SMS without breaking the bank.
Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737#

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to activate the package:

  1. Recharge your Jazz account with a minimum balance of Rs. 500.
  2. Dial *737# from your Jazz SIM card.
  3. Wait for the confirmation message indicating a successful subscription.
  4. Enjoy 50Gb data, 1000 all-network minutes, and 1000 SMS for seven days.

Detailed Information

Let’s dive deeper into the details of the Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# package:

  • Subscription Code: Dial *737# to subscribe to Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737#.
  • Validity: This package is valid for seven days from subscription time.
  • Renewal: The package is non-recursive, which means it will not be automatically renewed after the validity period ends. If you wish to continue enjoying the benefits of this package, you will need to redial the subscription code after seven days.
  • Data Compatibility: The data provided in this package can be used on 3G and 4G networks, ensuring a seamless browsing experience regardless of your device’s capability.
  • Internet Speed: The internet speed may vary based on factors such as your SIM card, your location, and the capabilities of your mobile device. However, Jazz strives to provide its customers with a reliable and fast internet experience.


Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# is an excellent choice for those who want to stay connected and enjoy a generous amount of weekly data, minutes, and SMS. With its affordable price and comprehensive features, this package provides excellent value. Subscribe to Jazz Weekly 50 Gb *737# today and unlock a world of seamless connectivity and high-speed internet.

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