Jazz Balance Share Code, price and details in 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have an excess balance on your Jazz prepaid mobile and wished you could transfer it to someone who needs it more? Well, with Jazz Balance Share Code, you can do precisely that! Jazz, one of Pakistan’s leading mobile network providers, offers a convenient way for its users to share their balance with their loved ones.

In this article, we will explore how Jazz Balance Share Code works, the methods you can use to share credit, the associated charges and limits, and the benefits of this service.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with our loved ones is essential. However, sometimes we may find ourselves in situations where our loved ones run out of mobile balance, making communicating challenging.

Balance*100#Rs 3.99

Her is the simplest way ” Dial *100*92 your number* write balance #

What is the Jazz Balance Transfer System?

The Jazz Balance system is a convenient service that allows Jazz prepaid mobile users to transfer their available balance to any other Jazz prepaid number using the Jazz Balance Share code.

This user-friendly feature ensures that you can easily share your balance with your loved ones whenever they require it.

Jazz Balance Share Code

How to Share Jazz Balance with Loved Ones

Dialling Code Method

here is the jazz balance share code for your ” terms and conditions ” apply

  1. Dial 10003XXXXX*amount# from your Jazz prepaid mobile.
  2. Replace “03XXXXX” with the recipient’s Jazz mobile number.
  3. Specify the “amount” you wish to share.

For example, if you want to share Rs. 100 with the number 0300XXXXXX, you would dial 1000300XXXXXX*100#. Press the call button to transfer your balance to the specified number.

SMS Method

Alternatively, Jazz also provides an SMS method to share the balance. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a new text message.
  2. Type 10003XXXXX*amount# in the message body.
  3. Replace “03XXXXX” with the recipient’s Jazz mobile number.
  4. Specify the “amount” you want to share.
  5. Send the SMS to 100.

Once the SMS is sent, Jazz will process your request and transfer the specified balance to the recipient’s number.

Charges and Limits

When using Jazz Balance transfer, knowing the associated charges, limits, and terms and conditions are essential. Jazz applies a grant of Rs. 7.50 (inclusive of tax) per transaction. This means that Rs. 7.50 will be deducted from your account for every balance share you make.

Furthermore, there is a maximum share limit of Rs. 500 per transaction. You cannot share more than Rs.

500 in a single transaction. However, if you can transfer more money, you will do the transaction multiple times, and your transaction will be completed. Keeping these charges and limits in mind is essential to ensure a smooth balance-sharing experience.

Benefits of Jazz Balance Share Code


Jazz Balance Share Code offers unparalleled convenience. Instead of letting your excess balance go to waste, you can transfer it to someone who needs it, whether a family member, friend, or even a colleague. This service eliminates the hassle of finding a recharge shop or ATM to withdraw cash for balance transfer purposes.

Emergency Support

In times of emergencies, having the ability to share balance can be a lifesaver. Whether someone is low on credit during an important call or needs to send an urgent message, Jazz Balance Share allows you to provide immediate support to your loved ones, ensuring they stay connected when it matters the most.

Helping Others

Jazz Balance Share Code is not just about convenience or emergencies; it’s also about helping others. By sharing your balance, you can assist those who may be going through financial constraints or cannot recharge their mobiles.

Your act of generosity can make a significant impact on someone’s day and strengthen the bonds of friendship and family.

Tips for Efficiently Sharing Balance on Jazz

To make the most out of Jazz Balance Share, here are some helpful tips:

Plan Ahead

If you anticipate the need to share balance frequently, it’s a good idea to plan. Keep your balance sufficiently topped up so you have enough to share when needed. This way, you can promptly assist your loved ones without any delays.

Communicate with Recipients

Before sharing your balance, make sure to communicate with the recipients. Confirm that they require the balance and inform them of the amount you intend to share. This open communication ensures that the balance is utilized for its intended purpose and avoids misunderstandings.

Keep Track of Transactions

Keeping track of your Jazz Balance Share transactions and the associated code is crucial. Regularly monitoring your balance ensures that the deductions from your account align with the balance-sharing activity you have performed.

By adopting this practice, you maintain balance control and effectively identify discrepancies. Stay vigilant and informed with the Jazz Balance Share code to ensure a seamless balance-sharing experience.


Jazz Balance Share Code is a valuable service that empowers Jazz prepaid users to share their balance with their loved ones. Whether supporting family members, helping friends in need, or simply spreading kindness, Jazz Balance Transfer allows you to transfer your excess balance to those who require it the most.

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