How to Transfer Balance from Jazz to Jazz?

To share the balance from your Jazz number with another Jazz number, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 100 (The Jazz number you want to share the balance with) * (Amount you want to send) #.

This will initiate the balance-sharing process, and the specified amount will be transferred to the recipient’s Jazz number.

How To Share Jazz Balance?

Jazz Load Share Request:

Jazz Load Share Request works both ways – you can share balance with Jazz users and request balance when needed. how it works:

how to Request Jazz Balance:

  1. first, check your sim activation.
  2. dial pad.
  3. Dial *107#.
  4. You’ll see a prompted USSD menu on your screen.
  5. Enter the recipient’s Jazz number (Party-B MSISDN) to request a balance.

Charges: There are no fees.

Important Information:

  • Confirm any messages you receive during the transaction.
  • The balance-sharing transaction fee for prepaid users is Rs 7.50 (including tax).

This service allows you to conveniently request balance from your friends, family, and acquaintances on the Jazz network.

Terms and Conditions for Jazz Balance Sharing:

  • Both individuals must have Jazz Prepaid SIM cards.
  • Verify your balance before sharing; Jazz is not responsible for incorrect transactions.
  • Each transaction will incur a charge of Rs 4.77+ tax.
  • Maximum limit of 500.
  • Balance sharing is exclusive to two Jazz users; you cannot share with Telenor or Zong users.


Transferring balance from Jazz to Jazz offers a convenient way to share credit and assist others in need. Whether you use the USSD code, JazzCash app, or reach out to customer care, the process is simple.

Remember to consider the transaction limits, charges, and accuracy of recipient details when transferring a balance. Following the provided methods and considering these considerations, you can ensure a successful balance transfer experience.

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