zong weekly internet package in 100 rupees

Zong Weekly Internet Package of 100 Rupees is an excellent deal for Zong customers, as Zong is Pakistan’s premier 4G internet service provider. For just 100 Rupees, you can enjoy 2GB of high-speed Zong Super Weekly internet access for seven days. It’s perfect for staying connected with your family and friends throughout the week. To subscribe to this offer, dial a specific code.

Zong Weekly Internet Package Rs 100

Here is the complete list of Zong’s weekly Internet Package. Here are the details:

Zong Weekly Internet Package Rs 100

Zong Weekly Internet Package (Mega Data):

CostBenefitsActivation Code
100 rupees per week.Get 100,000 MBs (100 GB from 1 AM to 9 AM).*808#
Zong Weekly Internet Package (Mega Data):

Weekly Zong Bachat Offer:

CostBenefitsActivation Code
100 rupees2 GB of internet, 500 on-net minutes, and 30 off-net minutes.*4444#
Weekly Zong Bachat Offer

Zong Weekly Internet Package (30 GB):

CostBenefitsActivation Code
100 rupees30 GB of internet, plus SMS and minutes on and off the network.*808#
Zong Weekly Internet Package (30 GB):

Zong Weekly Video Offer:

8GBRs 100validity 7 days and activation Code *570#
Zong Weekly Video Offer:

Zong Weekly Internet package Rs 75

  • Data: 100 GB
  • Timing: Valid from 1 AM to 9 AM only
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Activation Code: *808#
  • Price: Rs 75

Recharge Required: Rs 110 (includes offer price and potential taxes)

Key Points:

  • This offer is only valid for specific hours (1 AM – 9 AM).
  • It would help if you had sufficient balance (Rs 110) to activate the offer.
  • The data usage is limited to the specified time window each day.

Additional Notes:

  • This information is based on the details you provided. It’s always best to double-check with Zong for the latest terms and conditions.
  • Zong may offer other weekly internet packages with different data allowances, timings, and prices.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The initial price for all four Zong prepaid packages is 100 rupees, but you need extra funds to use them effectively.
  2. This promotion is available to all Zong 2G, 3G, and 4G prepaid customers.
  3. Customers can download up to 2 GB of data without any limits.
  4. Customers can opt for a Basic Add-On for their mobile internet bundles.
  5. Customers will be charged Rs. 1+t/MB when the bundle expires for out-of-bundle usage.
  6. To start, customers need to unsubscribe from the promotion by dialling *22#, and they can renew it by dialling *21#.
  7. Subscribers who purchase the bundle a second time will incur an additional charge.
  8. A 14 per cent withholding tax is applied to recharges and bills.
  9. In Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan, a 19.5 per cent sales tax is charged, while Sindh has a 19 per cent sales tax. Pakistan and AJK are subject to an 18.5 per cent Federal Excise Duty (FED).
  10. Data services up to 4 Mbps are exempt from taxes in Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh. Data services exceeding 4 Mbps are taxable in Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan at the applicable tax rate.
  11. If customers do not purchase an add-on after using their data bundle, they will be charged the default rate of Rs. 4+ tax/MB instead of Rs.1/MB.


What is the code for the Zong weekly package of 100 rupees?

Code for Zong weekly package 100 rupees:

  • Package: Super Weekly
  • Price: Rs. 100 + tax
  • Data: 2 GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Subscription code: *6464#

What is Zong’s weekly package of Rs 120?

  • Package: Super Weekly Plus
  • Price: Rs. 130 + tax
  • Data: 3 GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Subscription code: *6464#

What is the Zong weekly internet package?

  • Mega Weekly: 4 GB for Rs. 160 + tax (*6464#)
  • Super Weekly Plus: 3 GB for Rs. 130 + tax (*6464#)
  • Super Weekly: 2 GB for Rs. 100 + tax (*6464#)