Zong Super Weekly Premium

Zong Super Weekly Premium: Unleash your digital week with 30GB of data! This powerhouse package fuels your internet needs for seven days, letting you binge-watch, game, and connect without limits. Stay in touch with 180 minutes of off-net calls, and enjoy worry-free communication within the Zong network with unlimited calls and SMS.

All this power comes at a budget-friendly price, making Zong Super Weekly Premium the perfect fit for those who demand more from their week. Get ready to supercharge your online life – go Super Weekly.

super weekly


  • Affordable at Rs. 440
  • 30GB high-speed data
  • 180 off-net minutes
  • Unlimited Zong-to-Zong calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Weekly validity


Dial *225# from your phone


Get ready for some additional charges on top of the Rs. 440 price tag:

  1. Advance Income Tax (AIT): 15% of the recharge amount (Rs. 66) will be deducted directly.
  2. Taxes on usage: Depending on how you use the package, you might also incur:
  • FED: 19.5% of your data usage charges.
  • GST: 19.5% of your call and SMS usage charges.


Zong Super Weekly Premium unleashes a week of digital freedom for Rs. 440! Power through 30GB of data, stay connected for 180 off-net minutes and chat limitlessly within the Zong network. Don’t forget, that taxes may add some extra cost, but for heavy data users and social butterflies, this package packs a punch for the price. Dial *225# and say hello to a supercharged week.


What is Zong Super Weekly Premium?

Zong Super Weekly Premium is a prepaid package by Zong offering 30GB of high-speed data, 180 off-net minutes, unlimited Zong-to-Zong calls, and unlimited SMS with a weekly validity period. It’s ideal for heavy data users who need plenty of internet, some off-net calls, and unlimited communication within the Zong network.

How to activate Zong Super Weekly Plus?

Zong Super Weekly Premium, not Plus, is activated by dialing *225# from your Zong phone.

What is the code for the Zong 7-day package weekly?

The code for Zong Super Weekly Premium, the only 7-day package by Zong currently, is *225#.

What is the price of Zong Super Weekly Max?

There is no package currently offered by Zong named “Super Weekly Max.” The closest alternative with more data would be Zong Weekly Pro Plus, offering 60GB data, 600 off-net minutes, 6000 Zong minutes, and 6000 SMS for Rs. 480.