Zong Shandaar Monthly Package

The Zong Shandaar Monthly Package is a budget-friendly option that provides basic call, SMS, and internet services for a whole month. With this package, you get 1,000 Zong minutes for unlimited calls to other Zong numbers, 100 minutes for calling on other networks in Pakistan, 1,000 SMS for messaging across all networks, and 1GB of internet data for browsing and staying connected on the go.

It’s a good choice for those who use their phone moderately and want an affordable way to stay connected. If you need more data or minutes, there are other Zong packages available with higher allowances.

zong shandaar


  • Price: Rs. 305 (including tax)
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Call Features:
    • 1,000 Zong minutes: Unlimited calls to Zong numbers
    • 100 off-net minutes: 100 minutes to call other networks in Pakistan
  • SMS: 1,000 SMS to any network
  • Internet: 1GB of internet data



  • Dial *1000#
  • Visit a Zong retailer
  • Text “sub Mahana” to 7091


  • Text “unsub Mahana” to 7091


This offer provides free mobile internet MBs, but the specific amount and other details are missing. The offer works on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. However, there are some important points to note:

  • Auto-recurrence: The offer renews automatically (unlike your previous statement saying it was not auto-recursive).
  • Call charges: A call setup charge of Rs. 0.15 (including tax) applies to every call.
  • Taxes: A withholding tax of 14% applies to recharge/bill. Sales tax varies depending on location:
    • 19.5% in Punjab, KPK & Baluchistan
    • 19% in Sindh
    • 18.5% in the rest of Pakistan and AJK
  • Data service taxes:
    • Exempt in Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh up to 4 Mbps speed.
    • Taxable in Sindh with a speed greater than 4 Mbps and in KPK and Baluchistan at applicable rates.


The Zong Shandaar Monthly Package offers a solid package for light to moderate mobile users at an affordable price. It includes unlimited Zong calls, 100 off-net minutes, 1,000 SMS, and 1GB of data for a month. However, remember the auto-renewal, call setup charges, and varying tax rates based on location and data usage. Consider your needs and data consumption habits before subscribing.


What is the offer code for Zong Shandaar?

Zong Shandaar doesn’t require a specific offer code for activation. You can use various methods to subscribe:

  • Dial: *1000# on your Zong number.
  • Retailer: Visit a Zong retailer and request the Shandaar Mahana offer.
  • SMS: Text “sub-Mahana” to 7091.

What is Zong’s 70 rupee package monthly?

Zong doesn’t have a specific monthly package for exactly 70 rupees. However, they offer other budget-friendly options:

  • Shandaar Daily: Rs. 17 + Tax – 50MB internet, unlimited Zong calls 800 SMS (1-day validity).
  • Shandaar Haftawar: Rs. 120 + Tax – 500MB internet, 500 Zong calls, 40 off-net calls, 500 SMS (7-day validity).

What is the offer of shandar haftawar?

This refers to the “Zong Shandaar Weekly Offer” with the details mentioned above.

What is the Zong * 47 package detail?

Unfortunately, dialing *47 doesn’t directly lead to a specific package. It might connect you to Zong customer service or another interactive menu depending on your current plan and location.