Zong Perfect Package

The Zong Perfect Package offers a daily bundle of unlimited on-net calls, 500 SMS, and 40MB of internet data for Rs. 12 (plus tax). However, there’s a catch: the validity is limited to between 10 pm and 7 pm the next day. This makes it suitable for nighttime communication needs but not ideal for heavy daytime data usage.


Zong Perfect Package Detail

Cost: Rs. 12 (excluding taxes)

Validity: 1 day (10 pm to 7 pm the next day)


  • 10,000 FREE on-net minutes (calls to other users on the same network)
  • 500 FREE SMS to any network
  • 40 MB of FREE internet data

How to Subscribe & Unsubscribe

To Subscribe: Dial *118*2# on your mobile phone.

To Unsubscribe: Send the text message “Unsub” to 7171.

Terms & Conditions

Auto-renewal: The package will automatically renew itself every day, but only if you have enough balance to cover the cost.

Call setup fee: There will be a Rs. 0.15 charge (including tax) added to every call you make, even if it’s within the included minutes.


* A 14% withholding tax will be applied to your recharge amount or bill total.

* Sales tax varies based on your location:

* 19.5% in Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan.

* 19% in Sindh.

* 18.5% in other parts of Pakistan and AJK.

* Data services are exempt from tax in Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh up to 4 Mbps.

* Data services are taxed in Sindh for speeds exceeding 4 Mbps, and in KPK and Baluchistan at their applicable rates.

Data usage: Keep in mind that while 40 MB of data is included, exceeding this might incur additional charges based on your location and data usage tier.


The Zong Perfect Package offers unbeatable value for nighttime communication with unlimited on-net calls, 500 SMS, and 40MB of data for just Rs. 12. However, its validity from 10 pm to 7 pm makes it unsuitable for heavy daytime data usage. Consider this package if your communication needs primarily fall within the offered timeframe. Otherwise, explore alternative options for broader coverage.


Which Zong package is best?

There’s no single “best” Zong package. Several factors influence the best choice for you, like:

  • Your budget: How much are you willing to spend monthly?
  • Your usage: Do you need unlimited calls, lots of data, or just basic calling and texting?
  • Your preferred time of use: Do you primarily use your phone at night, during the day, or both?
  • Your location: Certain packages might have better coverage or deals in specific areas.

What is the Zong * 6464 code?

  • This code offers a “Surprise Offer” that changes periodically. Unfortunately, without knowing the current offer, I can’t tell you its details.
  • To check the current offer, dial *6464# from your Zong SIM.

What is the Zong * 22 package detail?

Unfortunately, Zong currently doesn’t offer a package activated by dialing *22. There may have been a package with that code in the past, but it’s likely no longer active.

What is the Zong * 47 package detail?

I can’t find any information about a Zong package activated by dialing *47. It may be a regional or promotional offer not widely available.