Zong’s Monthly Supreme Offer might be the perfect fit for you.  Packed with a whopping 20GB of internet, 5,000 minutes for calling within the Zong network, and an additional 500 minutes for other networks, this plan lets you stay connected and entertained throughout the month.  Whether streaming videos, scrolling through social media, or chatting with loved ones, the Supreme Offer has you covered.  Plus, it’s all yours for just Rs. 999!

zong supreme


  • 20GB of mobile internet
  • 5,000 minutes for calling within the Zong network
  • 500 minutes for calling other networks
  • 5,000 SMS to all networks
  • All for Rs. 999 (including taxes)
  • Valid for 30 days
  • To activate, dial *3030#.


Zong’s Monthly Supreme Offer costs Rs. 999 and includes 20GB of data, 5,000 Zong minutes, 500 off-net minutes, and 5,000 SMS. If your balance is insufficient, you can recharge online through Zong Online Recharge. After the bundle expires, out-of-bundle data usage will be charged at Rs. 1+tax per MB.


  • Auto-renewal: The offer automatically renews itself after 30 days if you have enough balance.
  • Data speed: The free 20GB of internet data can be used on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  • No call setup charges: You won’t be charged additional fees for initiating calls within the offer limits.


  • 20GB total internet: This includes data for all purposes except YouTube and Tapmad TV.
  • 4GB dedicated WhatsApp data: Use this data specifically for WhatsApp messaging and calls.
  • Limited YouTube: You can access YouTube and Tapmad TV services, but data used on these platforms will be deducted from your 20GB general internet pool.
  • Unused data doesn’t carry over: Any unused data from your total 20GB or dedicated WhatsApp 4GB will not be available in the next month.


Zong’s Monthly Supreme Offer provides a generous bundle of 20GB internet, 5,000 Zong minutes, 500 off-net minutes, and 5,000 SMS for Rs. 999. However, keep in mind that YouTube and Tapmad TV data come from your general pool, and unused data doesn’t roll over. If these platforms are your main concern, explore Zong’s offers with dedicated YouTube data. Remember, auto-renewal applies, and out-of-bundle charges occur after expiry.


What is Zong’s monthly super card RS 699?

Zong Monthly Super Card RS 699:


  • Unlimited on-net minutes (fair usage policy of 5000 minutes)
  • 250 off-net minutes
  • Unlimited SMS to all networks (fair usage policy of 5000 SMS)
  • 10 GB of 4G internet data
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Price: Rs. 699 (including taxes)

Activation: Dial *100# or subscribe through the Zong app.

What is the Zong 1000 rupees monthly package?

Zong currently doesn’t offer a single package for Rs. 1000, but they do have various options within that price range. The Monthly Super Offer costs Rs. 999 and includes 200GB of internet, 20,000 Zong minutes, and 2000 off-net minutes. Another option is the Monthly Super Plus for Rs. 799, providing 60GB of internet, 10,000 Zong minutes, and 600 off-net minutes. If you prefer the Monthly Mega Plus at Rs. 899, you get 30GB of internet, 15,000 Zong minutes, and 500 off-net minutes. To activate these packages, you can dial the specific activation code found on the Zong website or app, or you can subscribe through the app.

How to activate the Zong monthly super offer?

This offer seems to be the same as the “Monthly Super Card RS 699” mentioned above. Please refer to the details and activation instructions there.

What is Zong’s 70 rupee package monthly?

  • Zong doesn’t have a specific monthly package for Rs. 70. However, they offer several daily and weekly bundles around that price range, offering various combinations of minutes, SMS, and data.
  • Activation: Dial the respective activation code for each bundle (available on the Zong website or app) or subscribe through the app.