Zong Monthly Super Card is a prepaid mobile phone package offered by Zong, a Pakistani telecommunications company. The package includes 12GB of data, 350 off-net minutes, unlimited Zong minutes, and unlimited SMS for a monthly fee of PKR 900. To subscribe to the package, dial *6464# and press 4.

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  • Cost: PKR 900
  • Validity: 1 month
  • Internet Data: 12GB
  • Off-net Minutes: 350 (minutes for calling other networks)
  • On-net Calls: Unlimited (calls to Zong numbers)
  • SMS: Unlimited
  • Subscription Code: Dial 64642*3# to subscribe


  • *Dial 6464# and press 4: This is the most straightforward method, using a USSD code on your phone.
  • Auto-renewal: As a convenience, the All-in-1 Bundles, including the Super Card, automatically renew each month.
  • SMS to 6464: You can also send an SMS to 6464 with specific commands, though the exact commands are not provided here.


  • Dial *6464# on your Zong phone.
  • Choose option 4 for “All-in-One Bundles.”
  • Select the specific bundle you want to unsubscribe from (e.g., Zong Super Card).
  • Reply with 3 to confirm unsubscription.
  • You’ll receive an SMS confirmation of your unsubscription.


Can’t quite subscribe to that Zong offer because your balance is low? No worries! Top up your phone online via Zong Online Recharge, then follow the easy steps in the table above to activate the offer. Just remember, if you use more data than the bundle includes, you’ll be charged a per-megabyte rate of Rs. 1 + tax after the bundle expires. So keep an eye on your usage and enjoy!


Monthly Super Offer:

  • This offer doesn’t automatically renew each month (non-recursive).
  • The included mobile internet MBs can be used on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Important changes to consider:

  • Advance Income Tax (AIT): 15% of every recharge amount will be deducted as tax.
  • FED (Federal Excise Duty): An additional 19.5% tax may be applied to your usage.
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax): Another 19.5% tax may be applied to your usage.




Zong’s Monthly Super Card packs a punch for PKR 900, offering 12GB of data, 350 off-net minutes, unlimited Zong calls, and endless SMS for a month. Subscribe easily via USSD (*6464# and press 4) and enjoy automatic renewal for continued convenience. Remember, out-of-bundle charges apply after data exhausts, so use it wisely! Remember, taxes like AIT, FED, and GST may apply. For activation, dial *4567# and get ready to explore!


What is Zong’s monthly super card, RS 699?

 Offers 10GB data, 250 minutes for calling other networks (off-net), 5000 minutes for calls within the Zong network (on-net), and unlimited SMS for a month. Plus, you get 1 hour of daily YouTube streaming.

How can I subscribe to a Zong monthly super card?

To activate this plan, dial *6464# on your Zong phone. Press “4” for All-in-One Bundles, select the Zong Monthly Super Card, and confirm by replying “3”.

What is the Zong 500 rupees monthly package?

Unfortunately, the specific details of a Rs. 500 monthly package weren’t included in the information I received. You can find available options on Zong’s website or by dialling *9142# on your phone.

What is the Zong 1000 rupees monthly package?

Zong offers several options around Rs. 1000, including:

  • Monthly Pro Plus: This plan gives you 60GB of data, 600 off-net minutes, and 10,000 on-net minutes.
  • Monthly Super Card (Rs. 900): This Super Card version provides 12GB of data, 350 off-net minutes, unlimited on-net minutes, and unlimited SMS.