Zong Monthly 40 GB Internet Sim

Unleash your online potential with Zong’s robust Monthly 40GB Internet SIM! This powerful package caters to heavy data users, offering a whopping 40GB of internet for a full month. Surf, stream, game, and connect without limit, experiencing Zong’s blazing-fast 4G network firsthand. At PKR 940, it’s an investment that brings immense value, keeping you productive and entertained wherever you go. Dive into the endless possibilities of the internet with Zong’s Monthly 40GB Internet SIM: your gateway to a boundless digital world.


Zong Monthly 40GB Internet Sim package

Cost: PKR 1000

Data allowance: 40GB

Validity: Monthly

Activation code: Dial 64642#


Dial *6464# on your phone to access Zong’s tariff activation menu.


  • Dial *102# on your phone for an inquiry.
  • Costs 10 paisa + any applicable taxes.


  • Rate: Rs. 1 + Tax per MB used.
  • Applies: After your internet bundle expires (not during).
  • Cost example: Using 1 MB after expiration would cost Rs. 1.195 with a 19.5% tax.
  • Alternative: Purchase an additional data pack or top-up to avoid high charges.


  • No data bundle = Rs. 4 + Tax per MB charge.
  • Every 1 MB of usage triggers this charge, even minimal use.
  • Consider buying a data bundle to avoid high per-MB charges.


  • A 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) applies to every recharge made.
  • A Federal Excise Duty (FED) of 19.5% is applicable on usage where applicable.
  • Sales Tax (GST) of 19.5% applies to usage if it is applicable.
  • These taxes and charges are additional and may vary based on the nature of the transaction or usage.
  • Users should be aware of these taxes when recharging or using services to understand the total cost implications.


Zong’s Monthly 40GB internet SIM packs a punch – unlimited browsing, streaming, and gaming for heavy data users at PKR940. But beware, out-of-bundle and default usage rates are hefty, so choose wisely! Remember, taxes add up; check the terms before diving in.


How do you activate the Zong 40GB monthly package?

There are two ways to activate Zong’s Monthly 40GB internet package:

Dial a code: Dial *6464# on your phone to access Zong’s tariff activation menu.

  • Select “Monthly Internet Packages” and choose the “40GB Monthly Package.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation.
  • Using the Zong app: Download and install the Zong app on your phone.
  • Log in to your account and navigate to the “Packages” section.
  • Select “Monthly Internet Packages” and choose the “40GB Monthly Package.”
  • Tap on “Activate” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation.

What is Zong’s weekly max of 40GB?

Zong Weekly Max 40GB is another internet package offering 40GB of data for a week at PKR 460. You can activate this package by:

  • Dialing *794# on your phone
  • Using the Zong app

What is Zong’s monthly 30GB internet package?

Zong has several monthly 30GB internet packages with different price points, including:

  • Super Monthly 30GB: PKR 750
  • Monthly Internet Pro 30GB: PKR 650
  • Super Weekly Max 30GB: PKR 350

You can find more details about these and other Zong internet offers on their website or by dialing *6464#.

What is the Zong 1249 monthly internet package?

The Zong 1249 monthly internet package provides 50GB of data alongside:

  • Unlimited on-net calls
  • 500 off-net minutes
  • 5000 SMS