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You can utilize the Zong Free SMS Code when you urgently need to send text messages, even if your account is low on balance. This method is particularly popular among Zong users for sending messages like “Please Call me Back.”
Would you like to send unlimited text messages without incurring any charges? Well, your wish has come true with Zong’s free SMS code! Zong provides a special code that enables its users to send unlimited text messages without cost, making communication more convenient.

List of all-time launched methods & codes

  1. Dial *44#
  2. Dial *34#
  3. Dial *10#
  4. Dial *568#
  5. Dial *638#
  6. Dial *2244#
  7. Dial 5372#
  8. Dial 568*23#
  9. Install the Zong App
  10. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *10#
  11. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *34#
  12. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *44#
  13. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *568#
  14. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *638#
  15. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *2244#
  16. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *5372#
  17. Send an SMS to 4111 using the code *568*23#

Code (*44#):

Convert your 3G SIM to 4G and get free SMS, MBs, and minutes.

Code (*34#):

Activate a free bundle gift of 500 SMS with unlimited validity.

Code (*10#):

For new SIM holders, activate a bundle for a welcome bonus.

Code (*568#):

Get unlimited SMS for one day and 10 MBs for free (for prepaid users).

Code (*638#):

Introduced in 2020, this code offers free resources, but its functionality may vary across SIM cards.

Code (*2244#):

After keeping your SIM off for 30 days, activate it and receive unlimited incentives, including SMS.

Code (*5372#) & 8th Code (*568*23#):

Dial these twin codes for seven days of free Zong to all network SMS, with hidden subscriber gifts.

Zong Send Free SMS without Balance Codes

Zong offers a hassle-free way for its customers to send SMS messages even when their account balance is low or zero. You can send unlimited messages with the Zong free SMS code. Here’s how to activate this service:

  1. Open the messaging app on your Zong-powered mobile phone.
  2. Compose a new message.
  3. Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  4. Type your message.
  5. Before sending, dial the Zong free SMS code: *700#.
  6. Press the send button.

Your message will be instantly delivered without any deductions from your balance. Enjoy the convenience of sending SMS without worrying about your account balance.

zong free sms code

Terms & Conditions

  • Available exclusively to prepaid customers.
  • Allows free calls and text messages to any network.
  • Automatically renews after 15 days if there’s enough balance in the account.
  • Customers receive 1000 free SMS messages daily for 15 days.
  • Subject to modification or cancellation at the provider’s discretion.

Zong 10 SMS Free Code

Zong 10 SMS Free Code lets you stay connected with loved ones without depleting your balance. By dialing *482#, you can send ten free SMS daily. Keep in touch worry-free and save money while doing so.


In summary, utilizing the Zong free SMS code is a smart way to reduce your monthly phone expenses while gaining access to additional Zong features. I encourage my valued visitors to experiment with these codes and techniques, guaranteeing free SMS upon their application. For more information, please click here.
Text messages are essential for swift communication, benefiting everyone by facilitating contact with others. This post provides answers to your queries. If you encounter any issues with SMS codes, please don’t hesitate to contact me promptly.

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