Zong Apna Shehr Sindh Offer

Zong’s Apna Shehr Sindh Offer brings localized mobile connectivity plans to various cities across Sindh province.

Enjoy generous data, call minutes, and SMS bundles at affordable prices, designed specifically for your city’s needs.

Stay connected with loved ones, browse online, and stay informed within your community – all at an incredible value. Check offer details for your specific city to discover the perfect plan for you!

Zong Apna Shehr Sindh Offer

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Zong Apna Shehr Sindh Offer Detail

  • Price: PKR 280.00
  • Data: 10GB total (includes 5GB for 1 AM-9 AM and 5GB regular)
  • Calls: 5000 Zong minutes + 100 off-net minutes
  • SMS: 5000
  • Validity: Weekly


Customers in Sindh


  • Offer: Zong Apna Shehr Sindh Offer (specific details like data, minutes, price not provided)
  • Eligibility: Available to customers residing in Sindh province
  • Subscription: Dial *54#


  • Location Specific: Each offer applies to different cities/towns within Sindh, so details will vary depending on your location.
  • Subject to Change: Zong can modify offers at any time, so double-check details before subscribing.
  • Roaming Charges: Regular rates apply for data, calls, and SMS outside the designated city/town for the offer.
  • Manual Renewal: These offers don’t automatically renew. You need to manually re-subscribe upon expiry.
  • No Call Setup Fee: You won’t be charged any additional fees for making outgoing calls within the offer.


  • Advance Income Tax (AIT): 15% of the recharge amount will be added as tax.
  • Federal Excise Duty (FED): 19.5% of your data and call usage (where applicable) will be charged as FED.
  • General Sales Tax (GST): 19.5% of your data and call usage (if applicable) will be charged as GST.


  • These taxes and charges are in addition to the offer price itself.
  • They apply to all your data and call usage, even if it falls within the included bundle limit.
  • The actual amount you pay will depend on your specific usage.


Zong’s Apna Shehr Sindh Offer provides city-specific mobile plans in Sindh with generous data, minutes, and SMS at affordable prices. Check details for your city to find the perfect plan, but remember offers vary by location, can change, and incur additional taxes. Don’t forget to manually renew!


What is the offer of Apna Shehar Sindh?

This offer varies depending on your city/town within Sindh. To find the specific details for your location:

  • Navigate to the “Prepaid” section.
  • Select “Sindh” under the “Regional Offers” tab.
  • Choose your city/town from the listed options.
  • This page will display the available “Apna Shehar Sindh” offer for your location, including details like data, minutes, SMS, price, and validity.

What is the Zong internet offer code?

Zong offers various internet packages with different codes depending on data size and validity. It’s impossible to give a single code without knowing your specific needs. Here’s what you can do:

  • Visit the Zong website’s “Prepaid” section mentioned above.
  • Select “Internet Offers” under the “Packages” tab.
  • Browse through the various options or use the filters to narrow down your choices based on data allowance, validity, and price.
  • Each offer will have its unique subscription code displayed on the webpage.

How can I subscribe to Zong 30 GB weekly?

While Zong might offer a 30GB weekly plan, specific codes and details can change. To ensure you have the latest information:

  • Follow the steps mentioned in point 2 above to explore available internet offers on the Zong website.
  • Use the filters to set your desired data size to “30GB” and validity to “Weekly”.
  • The displayed offer will have the current subscription code.

How can I subscribe to the Apna Karachi offer?

Similar to the “Apna Shehar Sindh” offer, “Apna Karachi” is specific to Karachi and varies based on the area within the city. To find the relevant details:

  • Follow the steps mentioned in point 1 above, selecting “Karachi” as your city/town.
  • The page will display the available “Apna Karachi” offer for your specific area, including subscription details.