Zong Apna Shehr Plus Chiniot is a prepaid cellular package designed specifically for residents of Chiniot, offering a variety of benefits at an affordable price. For Rs. 180, users get 8GB of internet data, 60 off-net minutes, 2000 Zong minutes, and 2000 SMS, all valid for one week. This makes it a great option for staying connected with friends and family, browsing the web, and using social media.

shehr plus chiniot


  • Price: Rs. 180
  • Validity: 1 week
  • Data: 8GB
  • Call: 60 off-net minutes, 2000 Zong minutes
  • SMS: 2000 SMS


  • Data Costs: After using the included 8GB, extra data will cost Rs. 1 per MB plus additional taxes.
  • Call & SMS Charges: Calls and texts beyond allowances will be charged based on your existing package, not the Apna Shehr Plus Chiniot offer.
  • Eligibility: Only residents of Chiniot and specifically designated cities can subscribe.
  • Taxes: Expect additional charges:
    • 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) on every recharge.
    • 19.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) on your usage (if applicable).
    • 19.5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on your usage (if applicable).


Zong Apna Shehr Plus Chiniot is a prepaid cellular package offering 8GB of internet data, 60 off-net minutes, 2000 on-net minutes, and 2000 SMS for a weekly validity. It costs Rs. 180 (including taxes) and is targeted towards residents of Chiniot.


What is the Zong * 22 package detail?

There isn’t currently a widely advertised package available for Zong with the code *22. It might be an internal code or part of a limited-time offer. To get specifics, you can either:

  • Dial *99# from your Zong number to access the interactive menu and browse through available packages.
  • Contact Zong customer care through their helpline (158) or live chat on their website for specific information about the *22 package.

How to package Zong monthly?

To subscribe to a monthly package with Zong, you have several options:

  • Dial *99# from your Zong phone and follow the prompts to browse and activate packages.
  • Use the My Zong app (available for Android and iOS) to choose and activate packages.
  • Visit a Zong retailer or franchise and ask them to activate a specific monthly package for you.
  • Recharge your Zong number with an amount equivalent to the desired package price and the activation will usually happen automatically.

What are the best Zong Internet packages for 1 day?

The best Zong internet package for 1 day, depends on your data usage preferences. Here are some options:

  • Zong Daily Super Offer: Provides 1GB of data, 100 on-net minutes, and 100 off-net minutes for Rs. 50.
  • Zong Daily Mega Data Offer: Offers 3GB of data for Rs. 75.
  • Zong Daily Social Bundle: Offers 500MB of data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram usage for Rs. 30.