Zong 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer

Looking for a quick mobile data and calling boost? Zong’s 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer might be perfect for you! This affordable package provides 1GB of internet data and unlimited Zong calls for just PKR 14, valid for the next 2 hours from activation.

Whether you need to catch up with friends, family, or work, this offer lets you talk and browse freely without worrying about running out of minutes or data within a short timeframe. But remember, it’s a one-time deal, so activate it wisely!

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer

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  • 1GB of internet data
  • Unlimited Zong calls
  • Valid for 2 hours only
  • Cost: PKR 14
  • Activation: Dial 3000#

How to Subscribe

Just dial *5555#


  • Validity: 2 hours (120 minutes) from activation.
  • Renewal: Not automatic (one-time offer).
  • Call charges: 0.15 PKR setup fee per outgoing call, data usage outside the 1GB limit charged at 1 PKR + tax per MB.
  • Eligibility: Prepaid subscribers only.
  • Taxes: 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) on recharge + 19.5% FED and 19.5% GST on usage (where applicable).


Zong’s 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer offers a quick data and call boost for just PKR 14, but use it wisely! Remember it’s only valid for 2 hours, dial *3000# to activate (not *5555#), and check extra charges for calls and data beyond limits. Available for prepaid users only and taxes apply. Enjoy the temporary freedom, but plan accordingly!


How to activate a 2-hour non-stop offer on Zong?

  • Activation: Dial *3000# (not *5555#)
  • Cost: PKR 14
  • Details: 1GB data + unlimited Zong calls, valid for 2 hours from activation.
  • Remember: One-time offer, call setup charges apply, and data usage beyond 1GB is charged extra.

What is the 25 rs package in the Zong code?

Unfortunately, without more information, I cannot determine the specific 25 Rs package you’re referring to. Zong offers various packages ranging from data to calling depending on current promotions and your location. You can check their website or app for the latest offers or dial their customer service number for details.

What is Zong PKG 120?

Zong PKG 120 could refer to multiple packages depending on the period. It’s best to clarify by:

  • Checking Zong’s website or app for active packages named “PKG 120” or similar.
  • Dial their customer service number and provide the package name or activation code (if you have it).

What is the Zong * 22 package detail?

Unfortunately, there is no standard package code “* 22” offered by Zong. It’s likely a typo or an outdated code. For accurate information, it’s best to:

  • Double-check the code for any typos.
  • Search for the correct code on Zong’s website or app.
  • Contact their customer service for assistance.