zong 12am to 12pm internet packages

In this post we will dicuss zong 12am to 12pm internet packages. Here are the details:

  • Data Allowance: 1.5GB
  • Available Hours: 4 AM to 7 PM
  • Validity Period: 1 Day
  • Price: Rs 23
  • Subscription Code: *47#

Summary: The DTO Offer provides 1.5GB of data for one day, from 4 AM to 7 PM, for Rs 23. To subscribe, dial *47#.

zong 12am to 12pm internet packages

Advantages of Zong’s 12 AM to 12PM Internet Packages:

  1. Fast Internet Speed: Enjoy high-speed internet with Zong’s packages.
  2. Excellent Call Quality: Experience the best call quality when making calls.
  3. SMS Services: Benefit from SMS services included in the packages.
  4. Extensive Coverage: Zong offers wide network coverage to ensure connectivity.
  5. Simple Activation Process: Easily activate these packages for your convenience.

Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer

Introducing the Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer, a fantastic package for data enthusiasts. This package offers 100GB of data, exclusively available from 1 AM to 9 AM for seven days. To enjoy this offer, you must have Rs. 115 in your account to cover the associated taxes. Here are the key details:

  • Offer Name: Weekly Mega
  • Data Allowance: 100GB
  • Timing: Available from 1 AM to 9AM
  • Validity: Active for seven days
  • Price: Rs. 110
  • Subscription Code: Dial *808#

To activate this package, dial the code “*808#” from your Zong number. Enjoy a week of abundant data for your online needs with the Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer!

Zong Good Night Offer (GNO) 

Zong Good Night Offer (GNO) is a popular data package that provides users 2.5GB of internet daily, also known as the Zong Youth offer. This offer is available for use from 1 AM to 9 PM. To subscribe to the Good Night Offer, ensure you have a balance of Rs. 23 on your mobile phone and send a text message with the code “GNO” to 6464.

If you encounter any issues with your internet connection after subscribing to GNO, you can try restarting your phone or adjusting your Zong internet settings.

Here’s a summary of the GNO offer:

  • Offer Name: Good Night Offer (GNO)
  • Data Allowance: 2.5GB
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Offer Type: Night Offer
  • Price: Rs. 25
  • Subscription Code: Send “GNO” to 6464
  • Usage Timing: 1 AM to 9 PM

Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer (MDO) 

Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer (MDO) is another data package that offers a generous 100GB of data for a full week. This data can be used from 1 AM to 9 PM daily, allowing users to enjoy a large amount of data for extended periods. To subscribe to the Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer, dial *808# and ensure you have a balance of Rs. 120 in your account.

Here’s a summary of the MDO offer:

  • Offer Name: Mega Data Offer
  • Data Allowance: 100GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Offer Type: Night Offer
  • Price: Rs. 120
  • Subscription Code: Dial *808#
  • Usage Timing: 1 AM to 9 PM

In summary, the Zong Good Night Offer provides 2.5GB of data for one day at Rs. 25, while the Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer offers 100GB of data for seven days at Rs. 120. Both offers are designed for night-time data usage.

Terms & Conditions

  • Zong offers daily and weekly internet packages.
  • These packages include 3G/4G coverage.
  • The Zong offers are available during specific hours, from AM to PM.
  • All Zong users in Pakistan can activate these offers.
  • Taxes will be applied so that the total cost will exceed the advertised package price.


Zong, a prominent telecom operator in Pakistan, provides various cost-effective internet packages from 12 AM to 12 PM. These packages include GNO, DTO, and Mega data offers, each with unique features and pricing. With Zong’s reliable 3G/4G network, users can enjoy high-speed internet access day and night, making it a convenient choice for staying connected in Pakistan. Explore Zong’s 12 AM to 12 PM internet offerings to find the right package. Feel free to reach out for assistance or leave comments on this post.


How can I get 6 GB free on Zong?

  • My Zong App: Download the My Zong App and register for the first time to get a free 6GB offer (200MB daily for 30 days).
  • Sim Lagao Offer: If you haven’t used your Zong SIM for 30 days, dial *2244# to activate the offer and get 8GB of 4G internet (4GB data + 4GB WhatsApp), 6000 Zong minutes, and 6000 SMS for 60 days.

What is the 1.5 GB daily package in Zong price?

  • Super Daily Plus: This package offers 1.5GB of data, 500 on-net minutes, 500 off-net minutes, and 500 SMS for PKR 25 (valid for 24 hours). You can activate it by dialing *911# or via the My Zong App.

How to activate the Zong 2500 package?

  • Monthly MBB 65 GB Offer: This plan provides 65GB of data for PKR 2500 with a validity of 30 days. You can activate it by dialing *6363# or *6767#.