Jazz Zoom Package: Enjoy 50 GB of Free Internet Data

If you’re looking for a fantastic internet package that offers a generous amount of data at an affordable price, look no further than the Jazz Zoom Package.

With this incredible offer, you can enjoy 50 GB of free internet data between 12 AM and 9 AM weekly, all for just Rs. 130 (including taxes). Stay connected, stream your favorite content, browse the web, and maximize your online experience with Jazz Zoom.

Key Features of the Jazz Zoom Package

The Jazz Zoom Package offers several exciting features that make it an attractive choice for internet users. Here are the key features of this package:

Generous Data Allowance

The Jazz Zoom Package gives you 50 GB of free internet data. This significant amount of data enables you to enjoy uninterrupted online activities such as streaming movies, downloading large files, and staying connected on social media.

Off-Peak Hours

The Jazz Zoom Package provides free internet data between 12 AM and 9 AM, considered off-peak hours. This means you can maximize your data allowance during this time without worrying about consuming your regular data package.

Affordable Price

For just Rs. 130 (including taxes), you can subscribe to the Jazz Zoom Package and enjoy 50 GB of free internet data for a whole week. This price offers excellent value for money, considering the generous data allowance and the convenience it brings to your online experience.

Jazz Zoom Package

How to Subscribe to the Jazz Zoom Package

Subscribing to the Jazz Zoom Package is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to activate the package:

  • DialĀ *1171# on your Jazz prepaid SIM.
  • You will receive a confirmation message shortly indicating that you have successfully subscribed to the Jazz Zoom Package.
  • Enjoy 50 GB of free internet data from 12 AM to 9 AM for seven days.
  • Checking Remaining Data Balance

To keep track of your remaining data balance on the Jazz Zoom Package, follow these steps:

  • DialĀ *1171*2# on your Jazz prepaid SIM.
  • You will receive an SMS containing the details of your remaining data balance.

You can stay informed about your data consumption and plan your internet usage accordingly.


The Jazz Zoom Package is an excellent option for individuals seeking a reliable and affordable internet package. With 50 GB of free internet data available during the off-peak hours of 12 AM to 9 AM, you can enjoy a seamless online experience without worrying about exhausting your regular data package. Stay connected, explore the digital world, and make the most out