Jazz YouTube Package Daily, Weekly, Monthly in 2023

Jazz has introduced daily, weekly, and monthly packages as part of their Jazz YouTube Packages. Jazz has always been interested in its high-quality performance and top bundles, deals, and packages, which have consistently received positive feedback from customers all over Pakistan.

Jazz YouTube Package

They provide a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly packages to prepaid and postpaid customers. The Jazz YouTube Offer is ideal for users looking for free MBs at a low cost.

Jazz Daily Youtube Package

To activate the Jazz Daily Youtube Package, you will need to dial *968#. For users to subscribe to this bundle, their balance account must have a minimum of 25 rupees. This is because this package is subject to various taxes, including those levied by the government.

Jazz Daily Youtube Package
Jazz Daily Youtube Package
  • Data: 1.5 GB
  • Validity: 24 Hours
  • SUB-Code: *968#
  • Check Code: 9682#
  • Price: Rs.23
  • Required: Rs.25

Jazz Weekly Youtube Package

For one week, Jazz 4G customers receive 5 GB of data for use with YouTube, IMO, WhatsApp, and Facebook. The price for the jazz YouTube package weekly is Rs.89 (inclusive of all taxes). As a result, this package is kind to one’s wallet, and a subscription to it will cost you less than Rs.100.

Jazz Weekly Youtube Package
Jazz Weekly Youtube Package

Simply dialing *660# will enroll you in the Jazz YouTube package weekly code. The package has a recharge fee of PKR 90 that must be paid. In addition, you can check the number of remaining MBs by dialing the code 6602#.

  • Data: 5 GB
  • Validity: 1 Week
  • SUB-Code: *660#
  • Check Code: 6602#
  • Price: Rs.120
  • Required: Rs.125

Jazz Monthly YouTube Package

The Jazz YouTube package is the final bundle that can be purchased today, and it is the only bundle available to subscribe to for 30 days for the usage of social apps.

Jazz Monthly YouTube Package
Jazz Monthly YouTube Package
  • Data: 2 GB
  • Validity: 1 Week
  • SUB-Code: *709#
  • Check Code: 7092#
  • Price: Rs.126
  • Required: Rs.130

jazz weekly social package in 70 rupees

Jazz YouTube Package offers an affordable weekly social package for just 70 rupees, providing customers with an excellent way to stay connected and engaged on social media platforms. This package includes ample data to browse Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, ensuring subscribers can stay updated on their friends’ posts, share moments, and communicate with loved ones without worrying about data limitations.

With the Jazz weekly social package, users can enjoy a seamless social media experience throughout the week, all at an affordable price point. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay social with Jazz!

*660# jazz package detail

The Jazz Weekly Social bundle lets you stay connected with your loved ones throughout the week. By subscribing to this offer, you will receive 5 GB of data specifically for using Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO. To subscribe to this offer, Jazz users need to dial *660#, and they will enjoy 5GB of data for the entire week.

Jazz YouTube Package

Terms & Conditions of Jazz YouTube Package

  1. If you want to check how much data is left, there will be a charge of 0.006 for the dialing code.
  2. These offers do not involve an automatic resubscription process. If the request is no longer valid, you must resubscribe to it to continue receiving it.
  3. The deals are subject to modification at any time without prior notice. Jazz maintains the right to alter or terminate any of these offers without prior notice.
  4. For more information, visit Jazz’s official website.



This article discussed the Jazz YouTube Packages 2023, including the daily, weekly, and monthly options. Jazz offers a variety of affordable packages for YouTube usage, catering to the needs of its customers in Pakistan.

Whether you need data for a day, a week, or a month, Jazz has you covered with its cost-effective bundles. Subscribe to the package that suits your requirements and enjoy seamless YouTube streaming and browsing. Please comment below if you have any further questions or inquiries about these packages.

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