Jazz Weekly SMS Package Code Details and Price


Here is the Complete Guide on Jazz Weekly SMS Package. here is the details:

  • Free SMS: 1500 to All Networks
  • Free Internet Data: 25 MB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs. 30 (Including Taxes)
  • Subscription Code: *101*1*07#
  • Recharge Required: Rs. 23
  • Status Check: *101*2*07#
  • Unsubscribe: *101*4*07#

Jazz Weekly SMS Package – Stay Connected!

Texting has become essential to our daily lives, and Jazz understands the importance of seamless communication.

The Jazz Weekly SMS Package is ideal for individuals who want to enjoy the convenience of unlimited messaging without breaking the bank. Whether you need to send important updates, stay in touch with loved ones, or chat with friends, this package offers a wide range of benefits to enhance your messaging experience.

Package Details: SMS and Internet Allowances

The Jazz Weekly SMS Package provides impressive features to cater to your messaging needs. Here’s what you get with this package:

  • 1500 Free SMS to All Networks: With this package, you can enjoy the freedom of sending 1500 SMS messages to any network in Pakistan. Whether you want to greet your loved ones, share exciting news, or express your thoughts, these complimentary SMS messages ensure you always stay connected.
  • 25 MB of Free Internet Data: In addition to the SMS allowances, the Jazz Weekly SMS Package also includes a bonus of 25 MB of free Internet data. This additional data allows you to browse the web, check your emails, or share pictures and videos with friends and family. While it may not be a large data allowance, it is a valuable addition to the package that enhances your overall communication experience.
Jazz Weekly SMS Package

Subscription and Mechanics

To subscribe to the Jazz Weekly SMS Package, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Dial 1011*07# from your Jazz SIM. Step 2: Ensure that you have a recharge of Rs. 23 in your account. Step 3: Congratulations! You are now subscribed to the Jazz Weekly SMS Package and can start enjoying its benefits.

To check the remaining SMS and internet data, you can use the following codes:

  • Status String: Dial 1012*07# to check the status of your subscription.
  • Info String: Dial 1013*07# to get more information about the package.
  • Unsubscribe: If you wish to unsubscribe from the package, dial 1014*07#.

Please note that these mechanics are subject to change, and it is always a good idea to verify the latest subscription codes and details from Jazz’s official website or customer support.

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages:

  • Weekly Jazz/Warid SMS Package
    • Price: Rs 15 (incl. tax)
    • Includes: 1500 SMS and 25 MB internet (WhatsApp only)
    • Subscription: Dial 1011*07#
    • Unsubscription: Dial 1014*07#
    • Check Remaining Status: Dial 1012*07#
  • Haftawar All-Rounder Offer
    • Price: Rs 84 (incl. tax)
    • Includes: 700 SMS, 700 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, and 250 MB data
    • Subscription: Dial *747#
    • Valid in: Most areas in the North except Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and select areas in Baluchistan Province.
  • Jazz Weekly Hybrid
    • Price: Rs 115 (incl. tax)
    • Includes: 1000 on-net minutes, 20 off-net minutes, 500 MB data, and 1000 SMS
    • Subscription: Dial *407#
    • Check Remaining SMS: Dial 4072#
    • Unsubscription: Dial 4074#
  • Jazz Weekly All Network Packages
    • Price: Rs 155
    • Includes: 1000 network minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 1GB internet, and 1000 SMS
    • Subscription: Dial *700#
    • Check Remaining Info: Dial 7003#
    • Unsubscription: Dial 7004#
  • Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer
    • Price: Rs 199 (incl. tax)
    • Includes: 1500 SMS, 1500 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, and 3GB internet
    • Subscription: Dial *770#
  • Mega Super Duper Weekly
    • Price: Rs 250 (incl. tax)
    • Includes: 2500 SMS, 5000 MB data, 2500 on-net minutes, and 50 off-net minutes
    • Subscription: Dial *505#
    • Check Remaining Info: Dial 5052#
  • Weekly Bundle-Once Off
    • Price: Rs 15 (incl. tax)
    • Includes: 25 MB for WhatsApp and 1500 SMS
    • Subscription: Dial 1011*07#
    • Check Status: Dial 1012*07#
    • Unsubscription: Dial 1014*07#
  • Mandi Bahauddin Weekly Offer
    • Price: Rs 53.3
    • Includes: 2500 SMS, 25 off-net minutes, 2500 on-net minutes, and 2.5 GB data
    • Subscription: Dial 5652#
    • Valid for seven days
  • Sargodha Weekly Offer
    • Price: Rs 88.9
    • Includes: 200 SMS, 200 on-net minutes, and 200 MB of internet
    • Subscription: Dial *627#
    • Valid for seven days
  • Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer
    • Price: Rs 130
    • Includes: 1.5 GB data, 1500 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, and 1500 SMS
    • Subscription: Dial *664#
    • Valid for seven days
  • Sindh Haftawar Offer
    • Price: Rs 237
    • Includes: 5000 SMS, 10 GB internet, 5000 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes
    • Subscription: Dial *406#
    • Valid for seven days

Terms and Conditions

The Jazz Weekly SMS Package comes with specific terms and conditions to ensure a fair and transparent usage policy. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Limited Time Offer: The package is a limited-time offer and is subject to change anytime. It is advisable to check for any updates or modifications to the package before subscribing.
  • Overage Charges: If you exceed the allocated internet data limit, an overage charge of Rs. 1.2 per MB will apply. It is essential to monitor your data usage to avoid any additional charges.
  • Network Compatibility: The internet offer can be subscribed to and consumed in 2G, 3G, and 4G network areas. However, please note that the internet speed may vary based on factors such as SIM card, device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, and distance from the network site.
  • Checking Remaining MBs and Validity: To check your package’s remaining MBs and validity, you can dial the bundle status code for a nominal charge of Rs. 0.06.
  • Base Rate Charges: If you are not subscribed to any bundle, the Rs. 5 per MB base rate will apply. It is recommended to stay subscribed to a package to avoid higher charges.


In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected through text messages has become necessary. The Jazz Weekly SMS Package offers an affordable and convenient solution for individuals who want unlimited messaging with added internet data benefits. With its generous SMS allowances, bonus internet data, and convenient subscription process, this package ensures you can stay connected with your loved ones without worrying about exceeding your budget. Subscribe to the Jazz Weekly SMS Package today and experience seamless communication at your fingertips!

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