Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Code 2024

An affordable and reliable jazz call packages is essential for personal or professional purposes. With numerous options, selecting the best one for your needs can be overwhelming. This article provides all the information you need about the Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Code, which offers a comprehensive solution for your jazz call package.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes

The monthly call package 1000 minute, is a feature-rich subscription code offered by Jazz, one of the leading telecommunications companies. This Package is designed to give users a generous amount of jazz call minutes and additional benefits, ensuring uninterrupted communication at an affordable price.

  • In order to activate this offer, you must have 100/Rupees Load
  • Open your Mobile and place this code *6994#
  • Confirms and Enjoy your whole day package
Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes

How To Activate Jazz Call Packages?

Activating the monthly call package 1000 minute is simple and straightforward. Here is the package code:

Dialing *6994#

To activate the package monthly, dial *6994# from your Jazz mobile number. This code will initiate the subscription process and allow you to proceed further.

Subscribing to the Package

Once you’ve dialed *6994#, you will have options on your screen—select option “1” to subscribe to the Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Code. Confirm your selection, and the Package will be activated on your number.

Checking Remaining Minutes and Data

In addition to checking the remaining jazz package, you can also check the remaining data of your Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes check code using the same code, *6994#1#. This will give you a comprehensive overview of your jazz call packages monthly, allowing you to manage your communication needs effectively.

jazz monthly call package *707#

The monthly Super Duper package includes the following details. here is the package code:

  • 5000 free minutes package for on-net calls network minutes ( net minutes)
  • 300 minutes for off-net calls (calls to other networks)
  • 5000 SMS (text messages)
  • 17GB of internet data

The package validity 30 days from the time of Subscription . You can dial *707# on your phone to activate the package. If you wish to unsubscribe or deactivate the jazz 1000 minutes package, you can dial 7074#.


In conclusion, the monthly call package 1000 minute is an excellent choice for individuals who require a reliable and affordable communication package. With its generous call jazz minutes, data allowance, long validity period, and additional free daily calling minutes, this Package offers convenience and value. Following the activation process mentioned above and package details, you can easily subscribe to the Package and enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the month.


What is Jazz’s 1000-minute call package?

Jazz offers several “1000 minute” call packages with varying validity periods and additional benefits. Here are some:

  • Weekly: Jazz Haftawar Offer: 1000 Jazz Mins, 1000 SMS, 50 Off-Net Mins, and 1GB Data for Rs. 120 (7 days).
  • Jazz Weekly Voice Offer: 1000 Jazz Mins, 1000 SMS, 60 Off-Net Mins, and 3GB Data for Rs. 191 (7 days).
  • Monthly: Jazz Sindh Raabta Offer: 1000 Jazz Mins, 0-100 Off-Net Mins, and unlimited internet (Fair Usage Policy) for Rs. 130 (30 days).
  • Jazz Super Plus Package: 5000-10000 Jazz Mins, 1000 Off-Net Mins, and 3000-12000 SMS for Rs. 260-390 (30 days).

What is * 476 in the Jazz monthly call package?

Unfortunately, code *476 isn’t currently listed as a Jazz monthly call package in their official resources. It may be an older or regionally specific package. To clarify, you can:

  • Dial *476 and see if any details or prompts appear.
  • Contact Jazz customer care through their app, website, or helpline (111) to inquire about the code.

What is the code for Jazz’s 30-day package?

There are only so many universal codes for all Jazz 30-day packages. Different packages have different activation codes.

To find the code for a specific 30-day package you’re interested in, you can:

  • Browse Jazz’s official website or app for their “Monthly” call packages and check their activation codes alongside the details.
  • Look up the package name you’re interested in (e.g., “Jazz Super Plus”) and follow the listed activation method.

What do Jazz 3000 Minutes offer monthly?

Several Jazz monthly packages offer 3000 minutes, including:

  • Jazz Super Plus Package: 5000-10000 Jazz Mins, 1000 Off-Net Mins, and 3000-12000 SMS for Rs. 260-390 (30 days).
  • Jazz Haftawar Offer (for selected cities): 5000-10000 Jazz Mins, 0-50 Off-Net Mins, and 3000-12000 SMS for Rs. 260 (7 days).

Remember, package specifications and pricing may vary based on your location and chosen options. Always check the details before subscribing to ensure you’re getting the right offer.