Jazz Likee Packages Code 2023

Jazz Likee Packages: Enjoy Affordable Internet and Streaming with Jazz

Are you a fan of Likee and enjoy streaming videos on your phone? Jazz, one of the leading telecommunication networks in Pakistan, offers a range of affordable packages designed specifically for Likee and internet streaming enthusiasts.

This article will explore three amazing Jazz Likee packages that provide the perfect balance of data, affordability, and convenience.

In this section, we will provide a brief overview of Jazz Likee packages and their benefits. Jazz understands the increasing popularity of Likee and the need for affordable internet packages for its users. Hence, they have introduced these packages to cater to the growing demand for seamless Likee streaming.

Jazz Likee Daily Package

Subscription Code: *1145#

The Jazz Likee Daily Package is perfect for those who want a short-term package to enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Likee.

By subscribing to this package, you will receive 30 MBs of internet data specifically allocated for 4G internet streaming and Likee. The package comes at an incredibly low cost of only Rs 5 and remains valid for one day. You can check the status of your package by dialing 1145*2#.

Jazz Likee Weekly Package

3.1 Subscription Code: 11714#

If you are someone who prefers a package that lasts longer, the Jazz Likee Weekly Package is an ideal choice.

By dialing 11714#, you can avail yourself of 2500 MBs of data exclusively for Likee and internet streaming. This package offers a validity period of 7 days, providing ample time to explore and enjoy Likee videos. To check the status of your package, simply dial 11714*2#. The Jazz Likee Weekly Package is available at an affordable price of Rs 50/-.

Jazz Likee Packages: Enjoy Affordable Internet and Streaming with Jazz

Jazz Likee Monthly Package

4.1 Subscription Code: 11731#

The Jazz Likee Monthly Package is the perfect solution for those who want an extended period of access to Likee and seamless internet streaming. By dialing 11731#, you can subscribe to this package and enjoy 3000 MBs of internet data for Likee and general internet usage.

The package offers a validity of 30 days, ensuring a month-long entertainment experience. To check the status of your package, dial 11731*2#. The Jazz Likee Monthly Package is available at a reasonable price of just Rs 500/-.


In conclusion, Jazz offers a range of Likee packages that cater to the needs of Likee enthusiasts in Pakistan. Whether you prefer a daily, weekly, or monthly package, Jazz has you covered. These packages provide reliable data for Likee and internet streaming, ensuring a seamless experience without worrying about your data consumption. With affordable prices and convenient subscription codes, Jazz Likee packages are designed to offer maximum value to the users.

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