Jazz Hajj Call Package Saudi Arabia Bundle – Details & Prices

Are you planning to embark on the holy journey of Hajj? If so, staying connected with your loved ones is crucial during this sacred time. Jazz, one of Pakistan’s leading telecom operators, offers the Jazz Hajj Communication Bundle, a specially designed communication solution that ensures uninterrupted connectivity and affordable rates for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. This article will provide you with all the essential details about the Jazz Hajj Package, including activation, pricing, data benefits, and more. Stay tuned to discover how this package can enhance your communication experience while performing Hajj.

The Jazz Hajj Package is tailored to meet the specific communication needs of Hajj pilgrims. By subscribing to this package, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and affordable calling rates while staying in Saudi Arabia. With its comprehensive features and competitive pricing, the Jazz Hajj and Umrah Voice Offer ensures you can remain connected with your loved ones back home throughout your spiritual journey.

Jazz Hajj Packag Activation

To activate the Jazz Hajj Package, dial 76261# or roam1# on your Jazz SIM card. This will initiate the activation process, and you will soon be able to enjoy the exclusive benefits of this package.

By following this straightforward activation procedure, you can save time and effortlessly access the advanced communication services offered by Jazz.

Jazz Hajj Voice Package Price

The Jazz Hajj Package is priced at an affordable rate of 1000 rupees. This reasonable pricing allows you to experience high-quality communication without straining your budget.

By availing of this package, you can effectively manage your communication expenses and focus on the spiritual significance of your Hajj pilgrimage.

Data Benefits of the Jazz Hajj Package

The Jazz Hajj Voice Package offers a generous data allowance of 1000 MBs. This substantial data volume lets you stay connected with your family and friends through popular messaging and social media platforms. With 1000 MBs at your disposal, you can enjoy up to 50 hours of WhatsApp audio calls and up to 3 hours of WhatsApp video calls.

Jazz empowers you to utilize WhatsApp as a cost-effective alternative to regular voice calls, reducing charges and maximizing communication efficiency.

Validity of Jazz Hajj and Umrah Voice Offer

The Jazz Hajj and Umrah Voice Offer remains valid for 90 days, ensuring ample time to utilize its benefits before and during your pilgrimage.

This extended validity period lets you stay connected throughout the journey, eliminating concerns about connectivity disruptions. With Jazz, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your communication needs are handled during this sacred period.

Call Rates for Jazz Hajj Package

Calling charges for the Jazz Hajj Package are set at a competitive rate of Rs. 18 per minute. This rate applies to all calls, including incoming, local outgoing, and calls back to Pakistan.

With these affordable call rates, you can converse with your loved ones back home and share your Hajj experience without worrying about excessive charges.

SMS Charges for this Offer

Under the Jazz Hajj Communication Bundle, the outgoing SMS charges are Rs—7 per message. However, incoming SMS messages are free of charge. This ensures you can stay in touch with your loved ones through text messages without incurring substantial expenses.

Jazz understands the importance of seamless communication during your Hajj journey and strives to provide affordable options for staying connected.


In conclusion, the Jazz Hajj Package is an ideal communication solution for pilgrims embarking on the holy journey of Hajj. With its affordable pricing, generous data allowance, and competitive call rates, this package ensures that you can stay connected with your loved ones back home while focusing on the spiritual significance of your pilgrimage. By subscribing to the Jazz Hajj Voice Package, you can experience convenient and cost-effective communication throughout your journey.

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