How to Use an EasyPaisa Account Without an App on Jazz?

Two well-known platforms in Pakistan that provide users with various digital financial services are EasyPaisa and Jazz. EasyPaisa offers a practical approach to handling your accounts, including sending money, paying bills, and making purchases.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s top mobile network provider is Jazz. We will examine how to use your EasyPaisa account without the Jazz app as well as the advantages it offers in this article.

What are EasyPaisa and Jazz?

With the help of EasyPaisa, customers may transfer and receive money, pay bills, buy goods and services, and much more. It offers a practical and secure way to manage your resources without using actual currency.

On the other side, Jazz is a well-known Pakistan-based mobile network provider. Voice calls, SMS, internet connectivity, and value-added services are just a few of its many telecommunications services.

Benefits of Using EasyPaisa Account

Having an EasyPaisa account comes with several advantages. First and foremost, it provides convenience, and you no longer need to carry cash or visit physical stores to make payments. With EasyPaisa, you can make payments anytime, anywhere, using your mobile phone.

Furthermore, EasyPaisa offers quick and hassle-free money transfers. Whether you need to send money to a friend or family member or receive funds from someone, EasyPaisa makes it a breeze. You can transfer money instantly, saving you time and effort.

EasyPaisa also provides secure transactions, ensuring that your financial information remains confidential. With robust security measures, you can have peace of mind knowing that your transactions are protected.

How to send money through Easypaisa without an app?

You can follow these steps to send money through Easypaisa without using the app. First, visit the nearest Easypaisa retailer or service center. Please provide them with the recipient’s mobile number and your own mobile number. Inform the retailer about the desired amount you want to send. The retailer will process the transaction using their Easypaisa app or USSD system. You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile once the transaction is completed successfully.

Using EasyPaisa Account without the App on Jazz

If you are a Jazz user and do not have the EasyPaisa app installed on your phone, you can still access your EasyPaisa account and perform various transactions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use your EasyPaisa account without the app on Jazz:

How to Use an EasyPaisa Account Without an App on Jazz

Step 1: Dial the USSD Code

Using your Jazz SIM, dial the USSD code *786# from your mobile phone. This code allows you to access the EasyPaisa menu directly from your phone’s dialer.

Step 2: Enter Your Mobile Number

After dialing the USSD code, you will be prompted to enter your EasyPaisa mobile number. Enter the mobile number associated with your EasyPaisa account and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Set Your PIN

After entering your cellphone number, you will be prompted to create a four-digit PIN for your EasyPaisa account. Pick a simple PIN for you to remember but challenging for others to decipher. Keep this PIN private; you’ll need it for additional transactions.

Step 4: Access EasyPaisa Services

Once you have set your PIN, you will gain access to a range of Easypaisa services through the USSD menu. You can explore different options, such as mobile top-ups, bill payments, and money transfers. Follow the instructions on the screen to navigate the menu and perform the desired transactions.

Features and Services of EasyPaisa Account

Using your EasyPaisa account through the app or USSD menu opens up a world of features and services. Here are some of the key offerings:

Mobile Top-ups and Bill Payments

With EasyPaisa, you can conveniently recharge your mobile phone or pay utility bills, such as electricity, gas, and water. Enter the required details and make the payment using your EasyPaisa account balance.

Money Transfer

The ability to transfer money is one of EasyPaisa’s key features. With only a few taps, you may send money to anyone, anywhere in Pakistan, and the recipient can then use any EasyPaisa agent or ATM to withdraw the cash.

Purchasing Goods and Services

EasyPaisa allows you to purchase at various retail outlets, including supermarkets, pharmacies, and online stores. You can pay for your groceries, medications, and other products using your EasyPaisa account, eliminating the need for cash transactions.

Cash Withdrawals

You can easily withdraw money from your EasyPaisa account if you need physical cash. Visit an EasyPaisa agent or ATM, follow the instructions, and collect your cash. It’s a convenient way to access your funds when needed.

Tips for Secure Transactions

While using your EasyPaisa account, it is essential to prioritize security. Here are some tips to ensure secure transactions:

  1. Keep Your PIN Confidential: Never share your EasyPaisa PIN with anyone. It serves as the key to your account and should be kept confidential.
  2. Verify Transaction Details: Always double-check the transaction details before confirming. Ensure you send money to the correct recipient or make the right payment.
  3. Use Secure Networks: When accessing your EasyPaisa account, make sure you are connected to a secure and trusted network. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for financial transactions to minimize the risk of data breaches.


EasyPaisa provides a convenient and secure way to manage your finances, even if you don’t have the app installed on your Jazz phone. By dialing the USSD code, you can access your EasyPaisa account, perform various transactions, and enjoy the benefits of digital financial services. Remember to follow the tips for secure transactions to safeguard your EasyPaisa account and enjoy a hassle-free banking experience.

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