Jazz Cash Account Banane Ka Tarika 2023

Here is the Complete procedure on Jazz Cash Account Banane Ka Tarika 2023.

Step 1: Activate Your Account

  • Dial *786# from your Mobilink SIM card.
  • Enter your CNIC information.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation SMS with a 4-digit MPIN (a transaction secret code).
  • Keep your MPIN safe, and do not share it. Dial 4444 if you forget it.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

  • Deposit money into your account at any Jazz Cash retailer shop.
  • Provide your Mobilink number and the amount you want to deposit.

Step 3: Send or Receive Money

  • With your Jazz Cash Account, you can send and receive money quickly.
  • There is a small fee for sending money, but it’s cost-effective and reliable.


To make a transaction from your JazzCash account:

  • If you are a Jazz or Warid customer:
    • Dial *786# from anywhere in the country.
    • Follow the provided guidelines to complete your transaction.
  • If you are using a different network:
    • Use the JazzCash mobile app to access your mobile account.
  • After completing your transaction, you will receive a digital receipt from 8558.

Follow these steps to perform transactions conveniently through JazzCash.

What are the Transaction Limits Of Jazzcash?

JazzCash transaction limits are categorized into three levels:

Level 0:

  • Customers who register through Invite Friend Service or by dialling *786# start as level 0 customers.
  • Daily debit and credit limit: Rs 25,000
  • Monthly debit and credit limit: Rs 50,000
  • Yearly debit and credit limit: Rs 200,000
  • Level 0 customers can upgrade to level 1 through biometric verification.

Level 1:

  • Customers who register via biometric verification at a JazzCash agent become level 1 customers.
  • Daily debit and credit limit: Rs 50,000
  • Monthly debit and credit limit: Rs 200,000
  • Yearly debit and credit limit: Rs 1,200,000

Level 2:

  • Customers who visit the nearest Mobilink Microfinance Branch with their original CNIC and proof of income can be registered as level 2 customers.
  • Daily debit and credit limit: Rs 400,000
  • Monthly debit and credit limit: Rs 600,000
  • Yearly debit and credit limit: Rs 6,000,000

For further assistance, dial 4444 (JazzCash helpline) from your Jazz number, or for other networks, use 021-111-124-444.

Terms and Condition

  1. Online Shopping Convenience: Jazz Cash provides easy online shopping services.
  2. Use Authorized SIM: Ensure you use a PTA-authorized SIM card for Jazz Cash transactions.
  3. Mobile Number Loading: Account users can easily load a mobile number.
  4. Account Modification: Dial 4444 to make changes to your Jazz Cash Account.
  5. Bill Payments: You can use your Jazz Cash Account to pay for internet and utility bills.
  6. Cash-Back Offer: New account openings come with a PKR 50 cash-back offer.
  7. PIN Reminder: Always remember your PIN; if forgotten, dial 4444 for assistance.
  8. Money Transfer: Users can send money to banks, CNICs, and other numbers.


It’s simple to open a JazzCash account, which gives you access to a wealth of security and ease while managing your money. JazzCash offers a user-friendly platform for all your financial needs, from money deposits and transfers to payments, and enjoy various services. Utilize the power of online financial services by downloading the JazzCash mobile app immediately and following the instructions in this article.

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