How to Block a Number on Jazz | Block Unknown Call & SMS

How to Block a Number on Jazz

Here is the simple guide on How to Block a Number on Jazz. To prevent unwanted calls and texts on your Jazz prepaid SIM in 2023, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *420#.
  2. Select option 4 to include the undesired number in your block list.
  3. Use the Blacklist Code to deter unwanted individuals from contacting you through calls or SMS.

By doing this, you can easily block numbers that you don’t want to communicate with.

How to Block a Number on Jazz/Mobilink?

To block a number on your Jazz SIM and prevent unwanted calls and SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *420# using your Jazz SIM.
  2. Choose option “4” from the menu.
  3. Select “Add a number to the blacklist.”
  4. Enter the phone number you wish to block.
  5. You will be charged a daily fee of PKR 0.99 for this service.
  6. You can block up to 50 numbers on a single Jazz SIM.
Service Name:Details
Code: *420#
Price Per Day: PKR 0.99
Black-List Limit: 50 Numbers
How to Block a Number on Jazz/Mobilink?

By following these steps, you can effectively block unwanted communication from specific numbers on your Jazz SIM card.

Unsubscribe Blocking Service

To cancel the Blocking Service:

  1. Dial *420#.
  2. Choose “unsubscribe service” from the options.
  3. Deactivation of the service is at no cost.
  4. Following unsubscription, all previously blocked numbers will be moved to the allowed list.
Service Name:Details
UNSUB Code:*420#
UNSUB Charges:PKR 0
Unsubscribe Blocking Service

Second method(Helpline)

Here are details on How to Block a Number on Jazz. Blocking a Jazz number can be done through the following method:

First Way: Via Jazz Helpline (111)

  1. Dial Jazz Helpline: Start by dialling 111, the helpline number for Jazz.
  2. Speak to Customer Care Agent: When connected, call a customer care agent and request to block your number.
  3. Provide Information: The customer care agent will ask you for some necessary information to verify your identity and ownership of the number.
  4. Confirmation: After verifying your details, the customer care agent will confirm your request to block the number.
  5. Number Permanently Blocked: Once confirmed, your Jazz number will be permanently blocked.

Second Way: Visit a Jazz Franchise

  1. Locate a Jazz Franchise: Find a nearby Jazz franchise or customer service centre. You can usually find their locations on the Jazz website or by asking for directions.
  2. Visit the Franchise: Go to the franchise location during their working hours.
  3. Request Number Blocking: Speak to the customer service representative at the franchise and inform them that you want to block your Jazz number.
  4. Provide Information: You may be required to provide some identification or account details to verify ownership.
  5. Confirmation: After verifying your information, they will confirm your request to block the number.
  6. Number Permanently Blocked: Once confirmed, your Jazz number will be permanently blocked.

Important Note: Blocking your Jazz number is typically free, and you do not need to pay any fees for this service. Having the necessary information and identification documents on hand is essential when making this request to ensure a smooth and efficient process.


How to Activate the “Call & SMS Block” Service Using USSD Code?

Subscription Process:

  1. To subscribe to the “Call & SMS Block” service via USSD, simply dial *420#.

How to Deactivate the “Call & SMS Block” Service Using USSD Code

Unsubscription Process:

  1. You can unsubscribe from the service at any time. Just dial *420# and choose option 4.

Can You Unsubscribe and Re-subscribe?

  • When you unsubscribe from the service, all blocked numbers will be immediately removed from the list.
  • If you decide to re-subscribe, you’ll need to add the numbers back to the block list manually.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Sufficient Balance for Renewal?

  • The service auto-renews daily.
  • If your balance runs out, the service will continue for the next 60 days, during which you won’t receive calls or SMS from blocked numbers.
  • Be sure to recharge your balance before the 60-day period expires.


Blocking unwanted calls and messages on Jazz is a simple yet effective way to regain control over your mobile communications. Whether you opt for Jazz’s built-in Call and SMS Block Service, prefer the manual block method, or choose a third-party app, you can filter out unwanted contacts and messages. Remember to consider service charges, be aware of any limitations on the number of blocks, and ensure your Jazz SIM is compatible with the blocking features.

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