Jazz International Roaming | Packages, Activation, and More!

Jazz International Roaming offers coverage in over 80 countries for Postpaid and over 30 countries for Prepaid users. To activate International Roaming on a Prepaid SIM, call the Jazz helpline at 111. Dial 03000 160 160 or 777 for Jazz Postpaid users to request International Roaming activation.

Alternatively, you can activate Jazz International Roaming through your mobile settings. Most modern smartphones have an On/Off feature for International Roaming. Navigate to your mobile settings, select “Connections,” then go to “Mobile Networks,” and finally, toggle on “Data Roaming” under the international settings. It will automatically become active on your current SIM.

Once you’ve successfully activated International Roaming on your mobile or Jazz SIM, you may wonder about the tariff rates for your current location. Jazz provides detailed International Roaming Tariffs (Rates) for different countries, making it easy to know what charges apply.

How to Activate International Roaming on Jazz?

Below are Jazz’s international roaming call rates, categorized by country and telecom network. These rates apply to countries closely connected to Pakistan, ensuring that you can stay connected with the world while traveling abroad.

To avail of these rates, be sure to activate international roaming by contacting the Jazz helpline or adjusting your mobile settings, as detailed in the second paragraph of this article. Stay connected no matter where you go with Jazz International Roaming.

  • Jazz Daily Data Roaming Bundle
  • Price: PKR 358.5
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Data: 100 MBs
  • Subscription Code: Dial *7626# > 30+ Countries bundle > 1 > Activate
  • Includes all taxes.
  • Jazz Weekly Data Roaming Packages
  1. Mini Weekly Data Roaming Package
    • Price: PKR 1792.5
    • Validity: 7 Days
    • Data: 500 MBs
    • Subscription Code: Dial *7626# > 30+ Countries bundle > 2 > Subscribe
  2. Weekly Max Data Roaming Package
    • Price: PKR 2987.5
    • Validity: 1 Week
    • Data: 1000 MBs
    • Subscription Code: Dial *7626# > IR Offers > 3 > Subscribe
  • Jazz Monthly Data Roaming Packages
  • Monthly Data Roaming Package
    • Price: PKR 6572.5
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Data: 3000 MBs
    • Subscription Code: Dial *7626# > IR Offers > 4 > Subscribe
  • 3-Month Data Roaming Package
    • Price: PKR 10157.5
    • Validity: 90 Days
    • Data: 5000 MBs
    • Subscription Code: Call *7626# > IR Bundles > 5 > Activate
  • Jazz Saudi Arabia Data Roaming Bundle
  • Best for Travel to Saudi Arabia
  • Price: PKR 2000 + Tax
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Data: 5 GB
  • Activation Code: *ROAM# / *7626#
  • Check Remaining Volume: Dial *2222#

Jazz Prepaid International Roaming Partners


  • Afghanistan: Roshan
  • Bahrain: Batelco
  • Bangladesh: GrameenPhone, Banglalink
  • Indonesia: Indosat
  • Kazakhstan: KarTel
  • Kuwait: Wataniya
  • Malaysia: Maxis
  • Maldives: Wataniya
  • Philippines: SMART Com
  • Qatar: Q-Tel
  • Saudi Arabia: Mobily, Al Jawal, Zain
  • Singapore: Mobile One
  • South Africa: Vodacom
  • Sri Lanka: MTN
  • Thailand: AIS
  • UAE: du, Etisalat


  • Canada: Rogers
  • USA: AT&T


  • Australia: Optus


  • Algeria: Djezzy
  • Egypt: Mobinil
  • Morocco: IAM
  • Nigeria: MTN
  • Tunisia: Orascom


  • Belgium: Mobistar
  • Croatia: T-Mobile
  • Cyprus: CYTA
  • Czech Republic: T-Mobile
  • France: Orange
  • Georgia: Geocell
  • Germany: Vodafone
  • Italy: Wind
  • Netherlands: Vodafone
  • Norway: Netcom
  • Spain: Telefonica
  • Turkey: Turkcell
  • Ukraine: UMC
  • UK: Orange, T Mobile

In-Flight Roaming Partners

  • AeroMobile
  • OnAir

Jazz’s Global Internet Roaming Bundles

Jazz offers an exciting range of international data packages designed to cater to prepaid and postpaid users. With our New Data Roaming Bundles, you can now stay connected to 3G/4G internet anywhere in the world at competitive rates.

Package Details:

100 MBsPKR 200one day
500 MBsPKR 1000seven days
1000 MBsPKR 1750 seven days
3000 MBsPKR 500030 days
5000 MBsPKR 8000 90 days
Jazz’s Global Internet Roaming Bundles

To activate any of these packages, dial *7626# and choose the desired data plan for your international use. Remember, you can also dial *Roam# by focusing on the digits to access these fantastic international roaming data packages offered by Jazz Warid.

Recharge While Roaming Abroad:

How do I recharge your Jazz Prepaid SIM while traveling internationally? It’s hassle-free! Here are your options:

  1. Scratch Jazz Card: While roaming, scratch the Jazz Card and recharge by entering 123, followed by the 14-digit card number.
  2. Visit a Jazz Franchise/ Retailer: Locate a Jazz Franchise or Retailer abroad, and they can help you send a recharge or load to your roaming SIM.
  3. Online Top-Up: Explore online top-up websites and portals and easily recharge using your card number.

Stay connected globally with Jazz’s convenient and affordable international data roaming packages. For more information, check out Jazz’s International Call Packages.

Terms & Conditions for International Roaming with Jazz:

  1. International roaming is available for both prepaid and postpaid Jazz users.
  2. Jazz provides coverage in 80+ countries for postpaid users and 30+ countries for prepaid users.
  3. To activate international roaming on your Jazz SIM, please call our helpline.
  4. You can activate data internet packages while roaming in the mentioned countries.
  5. Please note that GST, AIT, and FED taxes are included in your charges, and additional international taxes may apply.
  6. For more information on using your Jazz SIM in other countries, visit the Jazz portal.

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